His name's Castiel. He wears a trench coat.
Castiel's trench coat is an article of clothing Castiel is fond of.

History Edit

Castiel's original trench coat

Castiel's original trench coat (season 4-8)

Original version Edit

Pontiac resident Jimmy Novak owned a beige trench coat. After being spoken to by the angel Castiel, Jimmy put this trench coat on and walked outside his house, and offered his services to the angel in exchange for protection of his family.

Castiel took possession of Jimmy, and kept the trench coat on. He has repaired it on numerous occasions when damage was inflicted, such as by the demon-killing knife when he first approached Dean Winchester.

After his first two resurrections, Castiel still wore the trench coat. He lost it after the Leviathans he was housing inside his vessel erupted out of him, destroying his vessel, but sparing the trench coat, which was picked up by Dean.

Dean kept the trench coat mostly in the trunk of the Impala, but also in any stolen vehicle he drove. After Castiel was resurrected a third time, Dean returned it to him while convincing Castiel to try to save Sam. After going insane, the trench coat was the only part of his original outfit that Castiel wore, wearing his trench coat over his hospital scrubs. Castiel continued to wear it during his time in Purgatory, during which it became noticeably dirty and worn out. Following his return from Purgatory, Castiel cleaned and repaired the trench coat as part of tidying up his appearance.

After being turned into a human by Metatron, Castiel took off his clothes for wash since they were bloody, but ultimately chose to use what little money he had to buy food, which led him to abandon the trench coat. It was last seen abandoned in a laundromat in I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here and was never recovered by Castiel.

In the alternate timeline of Lebanon, Castiel is wearing his original trench coat. He is jokingly called "Constantine" by Zachariah as a result, but doesn't get the reference.

Castiel's second trench coat

Castiel's second trench coat (season 9-12)

Second version Edit

Castiel eventually replaced his beige trench coat with a darker and more simpler trench coat after becoming an angel again. This trench coat was first seen in Road Trip and its appearance was noted by Dean when he saw Castiel as an angel again for the first time. As with the previous one, Castiel repeatedly repaired it whenever damaged.

Lucifer, while possessing Castiel, kept this trench coat on. He got in wet in season 11 episode The Vessel and was forced to remove it for drying. After Sam banished him from the Men of Letters bunker, Lucifer managed to find an identical one and wore it, which was later kept by Castiel himself.

This trench coat was destroyed when Castiel was given a Hunter's Funeral in Lost & Found.

In The Big Empty, Castiel wears the trench coat in the Empty with the Cosmic Entity wearing it as well due to mimicking Castiel's appearance.

Third versionEdit

Tombstone 02

Castiel and Dean posing as cowboys on a case.

In The Big Empty, Castiel is resurrected by the Shadow in a brand new trench coat and tie that both look similar to his original set with elements of the second trench coat thrown in. The reason behind this change is unknown as even though the second trench coat was burned with Castiel's vessel, the Shadow was able to restore both Castiel and his vessel without an issue.

In Prophet and Loss, Castiel switches out his trench coat for a lab coat and stethoscope as part of his disguise as Doctor Novak, though he continues wearing his usual suit and tie underneath. Castiel resumes wearing his trench coat by the time he meets up with the Winchesters by the Impala.

In Back and to the Future, after Castiel calls him an abomination, the demon Belphegor says that Castiel is the abomination with "that stupid, dumb trench coat" enraging Castiel who Dean has to pull off of the demon.

Alternate Castiel's trench coatEdit

In Exodus, an Apocalypse World Castiel is introduced that also wears a trench coat. However, due to Alternate Castiel's darker nature, his trench coat is of a darker color and design like the rest of his outfit.

Trivia Edit

  • Metatron was shown trying out a trench coat similar to Castiel's second one in Stairway to Heaven as part of his appealing to the remaining faction leaders. After it was noticed by Gadreel, Metatron became embarrassed and abandoned the idea.
  • The reason why the old one was replaced was because Misha Collins, the actor who portrays Castiel, was tired of wearing the same thing all the time.
  • Castiel referred to his trench coat as an "overcoat".
  • Eric Kripke gave Castiel the trench coat so he would resemble comic book character John Constantine, who was also a trench coat wearer. In Lebanon, the alternate timeline Castiel, wearing his original trench coat, is jokingly called Constantine by Zachariah, though Castiel fails to get the reference.
  • Many of the trench coats were stolen, along with Dean's Leather Jacket, prior to the promo shooting for season 6. However, the trench coats were replaceable.
  • Castiel's car has the same color as Castiel's first trench coat.
  • Misha spoiled fans by wearing his new trench coat prior to the airing of The Big Empty. He was reprimanded for doing so.
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