This unnamed woman acted as the vessel of the angel Castiel for an unknown period of time.


At an unknown point, this woman became the vessel of the angel Castiel.

In Orono, Maine, 1901, Castiel, using this vessel joined Ishim's flight to hunt down a supposed Nephilim sired by the angel Akobel. Possessing this woman, Castiel recited Akobel's crime and witnessed Akobel's death at the hands of Mirabel followed by Ishim killing the supposed Nephilim.

At some point between the death of Akobel and 2008, Castiel stopped using this vessel for an unknown reason. It is unknown what happened to her, but depending on when Castiel stopped using her as a vessel, she may have died of old age or other causes.

In 2017, when Castiel reunites with Ishim and Mirabel who still possess the same vessels, they comment on his change to a male vessel and how they preferred this vessel for Castiel.

Physical AppearanceEdit

This woman had dark hair and blue eyes, much like Castiel's current vessel Jimmy. She wore a light green-colored coat over a white outfit. The coat resembled Jimmy's trench coat. She wore a small green hat.



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