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Castiel's car is a 1978 Lincoln Continental Mark V.

He steals it in order to reach the Bunker in season 9 episode Road Trip, although it runs out of gas before he gets there. Castiel, Dean and Crowley later use it after Gadreel had stolen the Impala.

Castiel continues to use this car as his main mode of transportation since he can no longer teleport like other angels. It remains in his possession for much of season 9 and 10.

In season 11 episode The Bad Seed, it is mentioned that when Metatron escaped Castiel, he stole the car. Trying to find Metatron, the Winchesters and Castiel search for the car, but can't find any signs of accidents or anything like that that Metatron may have had with the car. Castiel also gets a bit defensive when Sam calls the car "crappy."

Castiel manages to retrieve the car some time after, presumably when he captures Metatron in Our Little World. It reappears in the episode The Devil in the Details. It disappears again after Castiel is possessed by Lucifer and Castiel makes no apparent effort to recover the car again afterwards.

The car's licence plate is IA B2676.



  • The car is jubilee gold in color, similar to Castiel's old trenchcoat. This explains why he likes it.
  • Crowley once called Castiel a "pimp" for choosing this car, hence the car's nickname.
  • In season 12, Castiel seems to have replaced the car with a truck he stole from a man he encountered after his banishment in Alpha and Omega.
  • The same car was used by Sam in the end of The End.
  • There is a possibility that Castiel was trying to emulate Dean and the Impala when he chose a car. To a person not heavily invested in cars, the body and shape of the two vehicles are similar, except for the color, of course.