This unnamed demon was captured by Castiel for information on Cain.


Season 10Edit

In his search for the Knight of Hell Cain, the angel Castiel captured this demon and held him prisoner in a devil's trap in an abandoned schoolroom. As Castiel questions him, Dean attempts to call him about Cain kidnapping Tommy Tolliver and Castiel ignores the call in favor of focusing on the demon. The demon insists he doesn't know where Cain is as he keeps his distance since Cain kills demons and he's scared of Cain. After Castiel starts using an angel blade to torture him, the demon finally tells him that he knows that Cain has been seen in Bogg's Marsh one county over but insists he knows nothing else including why Cain is going there. Believing him, Castiel stabs the demon with his angel blade and kills him. Later, investigating the lead the demon gave him, Castiel finds a makeshift graveyard for Cain's victims.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

This demon appeared to be a regular low-level demon with the powers of one.


  • Holy Water - As a regular low-level demon, he could be hurt by holy water.
  • Exorcism - As a regular low-level demon, he could be exorcised.
  • Devil's Trap - Like all demons, he could be bound by a devil's trap.
  • Higher-Tier demons - As a low-level demon, he was subservient to and weaker than higher level demons.
  • Demon-killing knife - As a low-level demon, he could be killed with the knife.
  • The Colt - Can kill demons
  • Angel Blades - Can kill at least most demons.
  • The First Blade - It can kill demons.
  • Death's Scythe - It can kill anything in existence.


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