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Carry On is the 20th episode of Season 15 and the series finale. It aired on November 19, 2020.


Dean Purgatory Blade.png There was something about being there... It felt pure.

This episode summary is an official CW press release. It may contain errors.

After 15 seasons, the longest running sci fi series in the US is coming to an end. Baby, it’s the final ride for saving people and hunting things.


The brothers wake up in the bunker and conduct their morning routines, Sam goes for a jog and then makes breakfast whilst Dean lounges about.

After breakfast the brothers both get on their laptops to look for leads. Sam says he has nothing but Dean declares there is something.

15x20 The Winchesters at the pie fest

The Winchesters at the pie fest

The brothers drive to a small town, where a pie fest is going on. Dean gets some pie and sits with Sam, after a moment, Sam says that he just wishes Castiel and Jack could be there. Dean figures that they should keep on living and invites Sam to have some pie.

That night, a man checks the mail while his wife tends to their kids. The doorbell rings, and the husband answers the door but no one is there, as he turns around two men wearing skeleton masks stab him in the back. The wife tells her sons to run upstairs, and the intruders start to pursue them. The boys run to a bedroom and lock the door. Meanwhile, one of the intruders catches up to the wife and maims her.

The intruder goes into the bedroom and looks under the bed. He doesn't find anything and walks out, while the children hide beneath another bed. After a moment he pulls one of the sons out by his leg.

The next day, Sam and Dean arrive at the house posing as FBI agents. The policewoman says that the mans body was drained of blood, the mother had her tongue cut out, and the children were abducted. When the brothers asked what the killers look like, the policewoman shows them a sketch from the mother of one of the masks. The brothers recognize the face, check their father's journal, and discover he investigated a string of killings that followed the same MO. Although Dean makes a suggestion on the culprit, Sam believes it to be vampires. He figures that if the pattern holds and it's the same nest they can predict the next attack.

That night, the two killers drive up to a house on the outskirts of town. Dean comes up behind one and decapitates him, while Sam incapacitates the other.

The brothers question the still-living killer. Dean interrogates the vampire on the location of the missing children but the killer is not helpful until he is threatened with a painful slow death, which causes the vampire to reveal they kidnap children to grow them as food and the location of the nest.

The Brothers go to the nest and arm themselves, as masked vampires peer at them from the windows. The brothers find the missing children and lead them out, but their escape is cut off by the other vampires. Sam evacuates the kids, then he and Dean confront the vampires.

Sam and Dean decapitate one vampire each, but one of the remaining ones knocks Sam down and helps the another pin Dean down. A female vampire, Jenny, walks in and Dean remembers her from an old hunt.

Jenny prepares to bite Dean but Sam decapitates her from behind, and the brothers take on the two remaining vampires. The brothers kill one vampire, but the other one impales Dean on a spike in a board before Sam decapitates it.

Sam suggest the leave quick but Dean tells him he isn't going anywhere. Sam inspects the wound finding a large amount of blood.

As Sam starts to go to get the first aid kit, Dean asks him to stay with him instead. Once Sam agrees, Dean tells him to get the boys somewhere safe. Sam says that they'll do it together, but Dean tells him that's not happening and it was always supposed to end with him dying. When Sam begs him to stop, Dean tells him that it's good and they had one hell of a ride. Dean tells Sam not to bring him back because "it always ends bad," and there's a few things he needs Sam to hear.

Dean tells Sam that he's proud of him and always looked up to him. He talks about how Sam was always the smart one who stood up to John, and he's stronger than him. Dean tells Sam that the night he came for Sam at college, he stood outside Sam's dorm for hours because he thought Sam would tell him to get lost. He was scared of what he would do, and it's always been the two of them. Sam, crying, begs Dean not to leave him because he can't do it alone. Dean tells him that he can, and Sam says that he doesn't want to. He says that he'll be with Sam in his heart every day, every day that he's out there fighting because Sam always fights.

15x20 Dean's final death

Dean dies in his brother's arms

Dying, Dean tells Sam that he loves him so much, and admits he didn't think it would be the day but it's okay that it is. He begs Sam to tell him that it's okay, and Sam finally does so and tells his older brother that he can go now. Dean says goodbye and dies.

The next day, Sam returns to the bunker and gives Dean a Hunter's funeral. Afterward, Sam wakes up in the morning and goes about his day. He sits alone with Miracle, taking notice of the names carved into the table. Sam walks through the bunker hallways and looks into Dean's room.

One of Dean's cellphones on the desk rings. The call is a sheriff calling for one of Dean's aliases and the sheriff says that they've had a few bodies turn up in Austin without their hearts. He says that Donna told him who to call, and Sam says that he's on his way.

Sam walks out of the bunker door, turning the lights off behind him.

Dean finds himself in Heaven with Bobby, at the roadhouse. Bobby says that Jack made some changes in Heaven before he left, He tore down all of the walls and you no longer live in a loop of your greatest memories. Now Heaven is what it should always have been, with everyone together and happy. John and Mary have a place nearby, and Bobby says that it's the Heaven Dean deserves and they've been waiting for him.

Bobby offers Dean a beer and drinks one himself, and explains that Castiel got resurrected and helped Jack. Dean says that the beer is bad, but it's fantastic because he once had a moment like this with John. When he says that Heaven is almost perfect, Bobby tells him that Sam will be along and time is different in Heaven. He asks Dean what he's going to do now, and Dean considers. The Impala is parked nearby, and Dean tells Bobby that he'll go for a drive.

15x20 Sam's with his new family

Sam spends time with his wife and son

Bobby wishes him well, and Dean gets in the Impala and greets "Baby". He then starts up the Impala and drives off, with "Carry on Wayward Son" playing on the radio.

Dean takes a scenic drive around heaven, while back on Earth Sam has started a new life, first by getting married, and then having a child and raising him to adulthood, all the while being a hands-on father for the young 'Dean'.

Over a period of years Sam is shown to raise Dean, and reminisces about the old times by sitting in the Impala until finally he is on his deathbed. Here a now adult Dean comes and comforts him, telling him it is ok and he can go now. Sam takes his hands and then passes away.

15x20 Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and the entire crew

Thanks for the support!

Dean arrives at a bridge and stops. He gets out and walks over to the railing. He hears someone behind him and turns to find the Sam he knew there. The two brothers hug, then go to the railing and look out over the forest.

At the end, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and the entire crew thank the fans for their support over the years.[1]



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  • This is the last episode of Season 15 and of the series overall. On March 22, 2019 Supernatural stars Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, and Misha Collins posted a video revealing that season 15, which would air in the 2019-2020 television season, would be the show's last. On March 31, 2019 Ackles and Padalecki took the stage at a Supernatural convention where they addressed the decision. "This was a community decision," Padalecki said.
  • The title of the episode is a reference to the song "Carry On Wayward Son" by Kansas that is played normally at the beginning of each season finale.
    • Season 1 is the only season where the song wasn't played at the finale, but rather at the episode before.
    • Carry On Wayward Son was released on November 19, 1976 and the airdate for "Carry on" was November 19, 2020.
    • The episode does not begin with the song. Instead it plays over Dean driving through Heaven in the Impala and then another version as Dean and Sam reunite.
  • Dean is revealed to have adopted Miracle, the dog that he found in Inherit the Earth.
  • Sam and Dean use the aliases Agents Singer and Kripke, a reference to Robert Singer and Eric Kripke.
  • The Winchesters once again compete an old unfinished case from the past, in this case, one of their father's from 1986.
  • Sam and Dean once again use John Winchester's Journal as a primary source on a case like they often did in the early seasons.
  • One of the vampires is revealed to be Jenny, the girl turned in Dead Man's Blood who escaped with Kate.
    • The ultimate fate of Kate is left unrevealed.
  • Dean dies permanently and he is reunited with Bobby Singer in Heaven where he reveals that Jack sprung him from Heaven's dungeon and reshaped Heaven for the better.
    • The carved monkey sitting next to Bobby sat on the bar of the original Roadhouse.
    • Dean is sent to Heaven, even though he has been in Hell previously. Belphegor once stated that once a soul is cast into Hell, it cannot go to Heaven. So it's possible that Jack either changed the rules or at least made an exception for him. It's also possible that since God previously granted the Winchesters salvation in Heaven as mentioned by Joshua in Dark Side of the Moon, this simply no longer applied to Dean since he has not been condemned to Hell again since returning from Heaven.
  • Sam quits hunting for good, has a son named after Dean, eventually dies of old age and reunites with Dean in Heaven.
    • In the scene with Sam and young Dean a white Samoyed can be seen walking past. This is Kevin Parks' dog Kuma Blu, who has appeared in a number of episodes.
  • Bobby implies that Jack resurrected Castiel, stating that Castiel helped Jack to reshape Heaven to be a much better place.
    • It remains unknown how Jack took Castiel out of the Empty without angering The Shadow. However, it can be assumed that in exchange for the angel, Jack was able to solve the Shadow's problem with its inability to sleep.
  • Dean and Bobby reunite outside of Harvelle's Roadhouse in Heaven.
  • Bobby tells Dean that Rufus Turner is living five miles from the Roadhouse with Aretha. Aretha is possibly a reference to R&B and soul singer Aretha Franklin.
  • Despite Billie's threats that the Winchesters will go to the Empty upon their deaths, they go to Heaven, presumably aided by the fact that Billie's dead and thus can't ensure their banishment to the Empty.
  • The tree that Sam and Dean park near to go over John Winchester's Journal is the Kim Manners Memorial Tree, a spot where Kim Manners had his last location survey in Season 4 before passing away.
  • A family portrait of the Winchesters that Sam Winchester kept is a BTS photo taken on the set of Lebanon.
  • After the finale, fans were left with important questions, some of which the actors and creators of the show gave answers.
    • When Sam shoves the pie in Dean's face, the extra in the background who appears shocked is director/producer Robert Singer. Jared Padalecki revealed at a Creations StageIt event that this scene was scripted, and that he got to enjoy hitting Jensen with the pie multiple times as needed for filming.
    • Jared also speculated during a Q&A that about five years had passed between Inherit the Earth and Carry On for Sam and Dean. However, a released script for the finale revealed that it has been six months since the end of Inherit the Earth.
    • After Dean's death, Sam starts wearing Dean's Watch and is seen wearing it up until his death. Jared revealed at a Creation StageIt event the weekend after this episode aired that this was an idea of his and Jensen's, that Sam would keep Dean's watch after Dean's death, and he was surprised fans noticed. Fans also noticed that Sam is wearing Dean's gray hoodie in the scene in the kitchen after Dean dies. This isn't the first time the boys have worn each other's clothes and yes, the fans ALWAYS notice. In Faith, Dean wore Sam's gray hoodie, so Sam wearing Dean's hoodie now may be another example of circular storytelling on Jared's part.
    • The face of Sam's wife is not seen as she is only shown at a distance. In a private online meet and greet with Jared after a Creation StageIt event, a fan asked if this person is anyone specific. Jared answered that no, this person's identity was left open to fan interpretation. Many fans were disappointed that this person was not Eileen Leahy, and showed an outpouring of love and support for Shoshannah Stern on her twitter.
    • Robert Singer talks about COVID-19 restrictions, quarantine, and which cast members were on set for the series finale.[2] Some fans were upset by the news that Misha Collins wasn't included. Jensen Ackles also confirmed[3] that there had been changes to the script due to COVID. Both Misha and Jared later went into detail about these changes to the ending, specifically saying that there was supposed to be a large scene in Heaven of all of Dean's friends, family, and loved ones from earlier episodes, but that it wasn't possible because the 14-day quarantine would've been inconvenient to cast members. However, Katherine Ramdeen said on Twitter that she was already available in Vancouver and was not contacted, but also stated that if she were to have appeared it would have had to serve the story. Samantha Ferris said on Twitter that she and Chad Lindberg weren't approached about being in Season 15 at all (despite many other Season 15 Callbacks prior to COVID restrictions being enacted), and were surprised to see Harvelle's Roadhouse in this episode.


  • Dean: No, come on. I know that face. That's, uh... That Sad Sam face.
  • Sam: I'm not Sad Sam. I'm just... I'm thinking about Cas, you know? Jack. If they could be here.
  • Dean: Yeah, no. I think about 'em, too. You know what? That pain's not gonna go away. Right? But if we don't keep living, then all that sacrifice is gonna be for nothing.

  • Dean: You know what this is? Mimes. Evil mimes.
  • Sam: Yeah, or vampires.
  • Dean: Vamp-mimes. Son of a bitch.

  • Vampire: What'd you hit me with?
  • Dean: Oh, it speaks. Not a mime. Still evil, though.

  • Dean: Okay. P-Please. I'm fading pretty quick, so...there's a few things that I need you to hear. Come here. Let me look at you. Yeah, there he is. I'm so proud of you, Sam. You know that? I've always looked up to you. Man, when we were kids, you were so damn smart. You never... You never took any of dad's crap. I never knew how you did that. And you're stronger than me. You always have been. Hey, did I ever tell you... Did I ever tell you that night that, that I came for you when you were at school? You know, when dad hadn't come back from his hunting trip?
  • Sam: Yeah, the Woman in White.
  • Dean: The Woman in White. That's right. I must have stood outside your dorm for hours...because I didn't... I didn't know what... What you would say. I thought you'd tell me to... to get lost or get dead. And I don't know what I would've done... if I didn't have you. 'Cause I was so scared. I was scared, 'cause when it all came down to it, it was always you and me. It's always been you... and me.

  • Dean: Hey. I'm not leaving you. I'm gonna be with you... right here... every day. Every day you're out there and you're li... and you're living and you're fighting, 'cause you... you always keep fighting. You hear me? I'll be there every step. I love you so much. My baby brother. Oh, man. Well, I did not think this would be the day. But it is. It is, and that's... Man... that's okay. I need you to... I need you to promise me. I need you to... to... to tell me... that it's okay. I need you to tell me that it's okay.

  • Dean: Well, at least I made it to Heaven.
  • Bobby: Yep.
  • Dean: What memory is this?
  • Bobby: It ain't ya idjit.
  • Dean: Yeah it is, 'cause the last I heard you... you were in Heaven's lockup.
  • Bobby: Was. Now I'm not. That kid of yours before he went... wherever, made some changes here. Busted my ass out. And then he -- Well, he set some things right. Tore down all the walls up here. Heaven ain't just reliving your golden oldies anymore. It's what it always should've been. Everyone happy. Everyone together. Rufus lives about five miles that way -- with Aretha. Thought she'd have better taste. And your mom and dad... they got a place over yonder. It ain't just Heaven, Dean. It's the Heaven you deserve. And we've been waiting for you.
  • Dean: So, Jack did all that?
  • Bobby: Well... Cass helped. It's a big new world out there. You'll see.

  • Dean: It's almost perfect.
  • Bobby: He'll be along. Time up here, it's... it's different. You got everything you could ever want... or need or... dream. So, I guess the question is... what are you gonna do now, Dean?
  • Dean: I think I'll go for a drive.
  • Bobby: Have fun.

  • Dean: Hey, Baby. Ah! I love this song. Whoo!

  • Dean: Hey, Sammy.
  • Sam: Dean.



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