Caroline Johnson was the main vessel of the angel Hannah. Nothing much is known about her except that she is married to a man named Joe.


After the angels were banished from Heaven, Hannah gained consent from Caroline to use as a vessel.

Later on, Hannah runs into Caroline's husband while checking out of a hotel. To spare his feelings, she lies and says she's having an affair with Castiel, though Joe is not entirely convinced.

Hannah gradually starts to feel bad for possessing Caroline, and feels Caroline's longing for her husband, and chooses to leave her. After being freed, Caroline is surprised at being herself again and remarks on knowing Castiel from her possession. Castiel then brings Caroline back home to Joe and they reunite happily.



  • Caroline is from Montana.
  • Caroline is one of the few known angel vessels to survive possession, another one is Claire Novak.
  • After Caroline, Hannah went on to possess a male vessel.
  • Actress Erica Carroll appeared in the Season 1 episode Faith as the nurse who asks for Sam's insurance at the hospital where Dean is admitted. She also appeared in Season one episode Something Wicked as the young mother Dean notices at the playground.
  • Hannah leaving Caroline, indirectly saved her from death as Hannah died in Season 11.
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