Carl Phillips was a deputy who lived in Dodge City, Kansas.


Carl grew up in Dodge City, Kansas where he was close to his uncle Joe Phillips who was a sergeant in the Dodge City police force. After growing up, Carl became a deputy himself.

Following a local grave robbery, Carl was assigned to investigate. Carl eventually located and pulled over the truck of the culprit and had dispatch run the license plate number. Noticing the passenger side door open, Carl investigated, but found no sign of anyone in the truck as he was informed that the truck was stolen. As Carl was spooked by all the noise around him in the dark, he was dragged under the truck. There, Dave, the ghoul that had been the culprit in the grave robbery slit Carl's throat and fed upon his corpse.

Carl's murder was noticed by Jack who was in town with the Winchesters and Castiel investigating the suspected zombie. While investigating Carl's murder scene, Dean and Castiel met Joe who was distraught by his nephew's murder and determined to get revenge. The police were shown to believe that Carl had his throat slit and was then left to the coyotes who had fed upon him. The Winchesters, after Sam found Dave's "leftovers," realized what they were really dealing with. Dave went on to claim that as Carl had been chasing him, he had no choice but to murder him.

The next night, as Dean was going after Dave, he encountered Joe who was determined to get revenge for Carl by killing the culprit outside of the law. The police had linked fingerprints at Carl's murder scene to Dave's bank robbery where he had been recognized by voice by the teller as Athena Lopez's boyfriend. In the ensuing fight, Joe killed Dave and avenged his nephew's murder.

Following Dave's death, Dean and Joe agreed on a story for the police where Dave had killed Carl and tried to kill his uncle before Joe killed him.


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