Cara Jean "CJ" Hogeland (1984-2011) is a Customs and Border Protection officer that appears in Supernatural: Coyote's Kiss.

History Edit

At one point CJ joined the Customs and Borders Protection (CBP) and had met fellow officer Marco Salazar who she was attracted to. CJ seduces Marco and they begin a romantic relationship despite Marco being married. Marco became obsessed with CJ, thinking about her constantly. CJ had also partnered up with veteran CBP officer Davis Keene.

CJ, along with Marco and Davis were sent by the CBP to stop a truck filled with immigrants driven by Fernando Ruiz "Ojon" Hierra. They managed to get Ojon in restraints and were going to arrest the eleven illegal immigrants in the truck. Suddenly, CJ tells Marco that she hears something that sounds like a zoo animal from the trunk. CJ and Marco aim their rifles at the trunk and CJ tells Davis, who was running after a fleeing Ojon to stop as they would be able to get Ojon later, however Davis refuses. The trunk bursts open and a woman that was hard to look like and seemed to look like a dog that takes CJ down and rips her throat open, killing her.

Physical Appearance Edit

In the book CJ is was considered "hardly a beauty" with a long, horsey face and frizzy red hair the stuck out every which way but was six feet tall with legs that could kill a man.

Appearances Edit

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