Why don't you go ahead and do it, come on put me out of my misery!

The Capture of Lucifer was an effort undertaken by the Archangel Gabriel and witch Rowena to capture the archangel Lucifer in order to fuel a rift to travel to Apocalypse World.



After originally refusing to help the Winchesters, Gabriel went after the Deities Loki and his sons for revenge for selling him to Asmodeus. Sam and Dean tracked Gabriel and aided him in getting revenge on his foes, with no purpose Gabriel decided to help them in their endeavors.[1] Gabriel's grace was not enough to power a rift and Team Free Will reconvene and decided to go after Lucifer instead, despite knowing he may have gotten stronger.[2]

The group sent Rowena and Gabriel since they knew Lucifer wouldn't expect them after believing them dead. Tracking Lucifer to a bar, Gabriel disguised himself as a bartender while Lucifer drown his sorrows at not being able to locate his son. Lucifer bemoaned that while he had Heaven and Hell in his grasp, they didn't matter as he just wanted his son. Gabriel in his guise comforted him and stated his son will come around but Lucifer noticed that he said Jack's name. Lucifer demanded to know who he was but as he tried to confront him, he felt woozy as his drink was spiked with a magic charm.


With Lucifer drowsy, Gabriel revealed himself to his brother as the latter was shocked to see him alive. Gabriel greeted Lucifer who promptly tried to punch Gabriel but was too dazed to land a hit, he questioned Gabriel's survival as the latter taunted him on being tricked.

Lucifer ran out the bar but was teleported back in the bar which he wondered how he was back in and what was in his drink. Rowena appeared and told him about the spell for the drink, Lucifer laughed at believing he killed the witch too and tried again to escape but was bound by Rowena and subdued by Gabriel. As Gabriel held an Archangel blade to his throat, Lucifer laughed before crying, which confused his foes. Lucifer begged them to kill him while they appeared tempted but instead knocked him out and brought him to the bunker.


The unconscious Lucifer is brought to the Men of Letters bunker where he awakes to the group reveals that they intend to use Lucifer's grace to continuously power a ritual to keep a rift open to Apocalypse World before they kill him. Once the Winchesters, Gabriel and Castiel leave, Lucifer works on breaking his bonds and taunting Rowena who retaliates by revealing that Jack is in Apocalypse World.

Lucifer angrily breaks free and attacks Rowena who magically repels him, inadvertently sending Lucifer through the rift into Apocalypse World.


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