The Capture of Ezra was the capture of an angel named Ezra who was one of Metatron's Faction.



After learning about the state of Heaven,[1] the Scribe of God Metatron tricks the Seraphim Castiel into helping him cause the Fall of the Angels.[2][3]

Months after the Fall, Metatron is able to briefly capture Castiel. During this time, Metatron urges Castiel to raise an army against Metatron's ever growing force, to become the villain of Metatron's "story." After Castiel and Gadreel are traded for each other, Castiel reluctantly begins amassing his own force of angels to retake Heaven from Metatron.[4]


One night, at a bar, Ezra, one of Metatron's Faction, approaches a group of Castiel's followers who all ignore his attempts to talk to him. As they continue to ignore him, Ezra brags that he has been handpicked by "the big man himself," Metatron, but he's not supposed to talk about it. This gains the attention of the other angels. Ezra claims that Metatron has come to depend on him and that they are "tight." Ezra claims to have come to appreciate Metatron's vision, but the other angels are angry as Metatron threw them all out of Heaven. Ezra tells them that there's a "big picture" and that Metatron has "given the place a makeover" and is bringing back "the chosen few."

Ezra's bragging draws the attention of Benjamin and another angel. As Metatron leaves the bar, he spots a man at the end of the alleyway eye him before moving on. As Ezra nervously moves faster, he is grabbed by the two angels who had watched him brag inside the bar. Ezra is brought to Castiel's base of operations where Benjamin warns him of the consequences of speaking so freely about Metatron and his plans. As a nervous Ezra watches, Castiel himself enters the room to confront the angel.

After Ezra refuses to talk, Castiel brings in the Winchesters to question him instead. Armed with an angel blade, the Winchesters question Ezra who claims that torture won't work on him as he is "a trained commando." Dean decides to take Ezra's challenge and goes after him with the angel blade, but is stopped by Sam as "he won't be telling us anything, dead."

Changing tactics to psychological warfare, Sam "suggests" that Ezra was lying about knowing anything at the bar and is just a "nobody." Sam expresses amusement at the idea that one of Metatron's most trusted is hanging out at bars bragging about knowing Metatron's plans. Catching on to Sam's plan, Dean joins him in making fun of Ezra and his position in Metatron's army, pointing out that if Ezra really was so trusted, he'd be up in Heaven with Metatron rather than down on Earth with them.

Falling for the trick, Ezra suggests that he's a decoy or in deep cover, but the Winchesters laugh the suggestion off as pathetic. Dean "points out" that Ezra probably hasn't even been to Heaven since the Fall and Ezra insists that he has. After Sam reminds Ezra that the Gates of Heaven are sealed and no one can get in, Ezra tells them that Metatron has a private portal. After Sam points out that such a doorway would be sensed by the angels, Ezra explains that "the boss" hides it by moving it around from place to place and the portal is wherever Metatron wants it to be.

Having elicited a reaction by teasing and taunting Ezra, Sam claims that he sees now that Ezra heard a rumor about the portal and ran with it. Ezra states that Metatron showed him the portal, but the Winchesters "dismiss" him as a mere "fan." The Winchesters tease Ezra about how being a fan doesn't mean that he actually knows Metatron. Annoyed, Ezra tells them that he was "interviewed personally" by Metatron for a key post. Sam asks Ezra about why he wasn't at his "key post" and was hanging out down on Earth instead, causing Dean to realize that Ezra didn't actually get the job.

As the Winchesters tease Ezra about his failure to get the job, he tells them that hardly anyone was chosen for the job and that ground force is still a very important assignment for him to have. After Ezra states that it was an honor for him to have even been considered for "the squad," Dean asks what he means by that as "there is no squad." Ezra states that the squad is a highly-guarded secret and his inability to tell the Winchesters what the squad is causes them to realize he doesn't know its true nature. "Let me get this straight: you desperately wanted this job... but you didn't know what it was?" taunts Sam. Ezra explains that until the angels were actually chosen, the exact nature of their mission was kept a secret and hardly anyone was chosen.

Leaving the room, Dean is amused by how stupid Ezra actually is and comments that its no wonder that he was passed over for the job. However, they are left worried about what Metatron is gearing up for with ground forces and an elite secret squad. While they now know about Metatron's secret portal, they have no idea where to find it either.

After the interrogation, Metatron's spy Josiah murders Ezra with an angel blade to the heart. His lifeless vessel is later discovered by one of Castiel's angels. Discussing Ezra's death with Castiel, the Winchesters and Castiel come to the conclusion that Ezra could not have committed suicide and was instead murdered by a spy in Castiel's organization.

While the Winchesters briefly start an investigation into Ezra's murder, they are interrupted by a phone call from Crowley with a chance to kill Abaddon and leave.[5]


After Josiah fails to appear for roll call, it is realized that he is Metatron's spy and Ezra's killer. He is eventually tracked down by Castiel and Sam Winchester, but falls into a trap Metatron had set for Castiel and dies without being able to explain anything to them.

Shortly after Ezra's capture and death, Metatron begins a series of suicide bombings by angels brainwashed to his side and believing they are doing so in the name of Castiel. It is eventually realized that these brainwashed angels and their suicide bombings are the elite secret squad and their mission that Ezra had mentioned to the Winchesters.[6]


  • These events run concurrent to Abaddon forcing Crowley to help her trick and kill the Winchesters.
  • The revelation of a spy within his organization during these events causes Castiel to turn to Gadreel for help as a spy within Metatron's organization.


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