Candy was a kept woman of a powerful Congressman.


Candy was kidnapped by Crowley and held prisoner in a storage unit along with Linda Tran and a man named Jerome before being killed by Del while trying to escape. In The Veil, Kevin Tran tried to learn about his mother's whereabouts. He got a message from Candy who died a week earlier and was the last one to see his mother alive. Sam and Dean travel to a forest in Witchita, Kansas, to try and make contact with Candy's spirit. Though she doesn't know much, she is able to give them enough to locate where she was held. Her death was avenged when Linda killed Del.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Candy was a new and weak ghost, unable to even manifest visually.

  • Invisibility - As a ghost, Candy was naturally invisible.
  • EVP - Candy was able to communicate through EVP.


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