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You know, you had ancestors hacking the heads off vamps on the Mayflower.
— Samuel, on the history of the family

The Campbell family is a family of Scottish-American hunters that have existed for several generations.

Known members[]


  • Samuel Campbell (deceased) - He was the father of Mary and the father-in-law of John Winchester. He was the maternal grandfather of Sam Winchester and Dean Winchester. His grandson, Sam, was named after him. Deanna and he were both hunters and raised Mary to be one as well. He was killed by Azazel. He was sent to Heaven but brought back to life along with other Campbell relatives presumably by Crowley. In exchange for the resurrection of Mary, Samuel was to capture Alphas in order to obtain the location to Purgatory. He is possessed by a Khan worm before he is killed again by his grandson Sam.
  • Deanna Campbell (deceased) - She is the wife of Samuel. She was the mother of Mary and the mother-in-law of John. She was the maternal grandmother of Sam and Dean. Her grandson, Dean, was named after her. She and Samuel were both hunters and raised Mary to be one as well. She was killed by Azazel while trying to save her future grandson, Dean.
  • Mary Winchester (née Campbell) (deceased) - She was the wife of John and the mother of Sam and Dean. She named her two sons after her deceased parents, Samuel and Deanna. Her parents raised her as a hunter, but she gave up hunting after she met John and both her parents were killed by Azazel. She was killed by Azazel when Sam was six months old. This was because she interrupted Azazel while he was feeding Sam demon blood. She was resurrected by the Darkness in 2016 as a way of thanking Dean for reuniting the Darkness and God, although later accidentally killed by Jack.
  • Christian Campbell (deceased) - He was Sam and Dean's third cousin. He was a calm and skilled hunter working with Samuel Campbell. He was revealed to be possessed in "Family Matters". In Caged Heat, Dean kills both the real Christian and the demon with the Demon-Killing Knife.
  • Gwen Campbell (deceased) - She was Sam and Dean's third cousin. She was a hunter working with Samuel Campbell. She tells Dean that she had no idea Samuel sold them out to Crowley and is the only Campbell that is friendly to Sam and Dean. Dean kills her when he was possessed by the Khan worm. She appeared to be the only one the brothers care for since she gave them no reason to distrust.
  • Mark Campbell (deceased) - He is Sam and Dean's distant cousin. He is a hunter working with Samuel Campbell. The Alpha Shapeshifter snaps his neck in "Two And A Half Men".
  • Johnny Campbell (deceased) - He is Sam and Dean's distant relative. He is a hunter working with Samuel Campbell. He was sent to watch over Lisa and Dean, but was killed by the Djinn in "Exile on Main Street".
  • Tyler Campbell (deceased) - He is Sam and Dean's distant relative. He is a hunter working with Samuel Campbell. He was sent to guard the Alpha Vampire after Sam and Dean were caught snooping, but was killed by the Alpha in "Family Matters".
  • Arlene Campbell - The wife of Christian whose whereabouts and status remain unknown.
  • Unnamed Uncle/Brother (Mary's brother or uncle) - Unknown if he is a hunter or not, or if he is alive. Also unknown if he had any children.
  • Jebediah Campbell (Samuel's grandfather, mentioned in "Let It Bleed").
  • Robert Campbell (mentioned in "The Kids Are Alright").
  • Ed Campbell (mentioned in "The Kids Are Alright").
  • Moishe Campbell (mentioned in "Let It Bleed").

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  • Nathaniel Campbell (came to the US from Scotland in the 1600s) (great great great grandfather to Dean and Sam)
  • Rose Mary Campbell (Nathaniel's wife)
  • Thomas Campbell (Nathaniel's elder son)
  • Caleb Campbell (Nathaniel's younger son)
  • Hannah Campbell (Nathaniel's daughter)


  • Crowley - Crowley became allies with Samuel Campbell after resurrecting the hunter and offering to resurrect Samuel's daughter Mary in exchange for services. Although Crowley's motives were evil and selfish, Samuel and his remaining relatives worked tirelessly for him.


  • Dean Winchester - He is the eldest son of John and Mary. Dean was initially an ally and tried to save his grandfather during a time travel experience. Dean became enemies with Samuel after Samuel betrayed him for Crowley. He is a member of the Campbell family.
  • Sam Winchester - He is the youngest son of John and Mary. Sam met Samuel after Samuel's resurrection and hunted alongside him for a year, before being betrayed by Samuel for Crowley. It was Sam who killed his grandfather. He is a member of the Campbell family.
  • Azazel - This Prince of Hell was responsible for the near-extinction of the Campbell Family, starting with Mary, since Mary had interfered with his plans, forcing Azazel to cover his tracks by killing everyone close to her.

Mary donning the Men of Letters Crest on her bracelet.


  • It's revealed in Keep Calm and Carry On that the Campbells were aware of the Men of Letters but considered them just a hunter's myth. Despite this, Mary wore their crest on her bracelet.
  • Like the Harvelle Family, the Campbell family are comprised mostly of hunters.
  • It is unknown if they were all wiped out by Season 6.
  • As seen in Lebanon, Dean and Sam go by the name Campbell to hide their true names.