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Outside View

The Campbell Compound was the gathering place of all members of the Campbell family, and its long line of hunters. This place was first seen in Season 6's Two and a Half Men. During Sam's Soulless period, this is where he stayed along with his grandfather Samuel Campbell, who was the head of the family. It appears abandoned following Samuel's death.

Outside Appearance[]

On the outside it seems to be an old shabby building. Although it has a chain link fence around its perimeter, with bared wire on the top. There is only one road into this place, which goes into the one gate. The gate has to be manually opened by someone. In this case, one of the hunters outside. The building also appears to be somewhere in the country side.

Inside Appearance[]

Inside, the building is not decorated in the slightest. It has what is necessary for the hunters inside. Like weapons caches, and tables to work on. Samuel also has his office in this building, which is a bit more filled then the compound itself.

The Campbell Family Library.

There is a panic room located downstairs, but not as fancy as Bobby's is. The panic room is half the size of Bobby's Panic Room and only has lighting, nothing more. Under Samuel's office is the Campbell Family Library, where Dean discovered Samuel Colt's Journal.