I got a camp full of twitchy trauma survivors out there with an apocalypse hanging over their head!

Camp Chitaqua was a group consisting of survivors of the post-Apocalyptic alternate timeline.


The camp's leader was Dean Winchester, and was possibly founded by him.

Members included Castiel, Chuck Shurley (in charge of supplies), Risa (lieutenant), Jane, and formerly Bobby Singer. They were at least a handful of unnamed male members too.

All members (except Castiel) were human beings who had yet to become infected by the Croatoan Virus, and anyone who began showing symptoms were immediately executed.

By the time Present Dean was transported to this timeline, Camp Chitaqua was planning a final attack on Lucifer, since Dean had finally located the Colt. Although everyone else was to act as bait, no one complained.

The mission was however, a failure, and Dean was killed, while the other members were presumed deceased afterwards. It is unknown if the remaining members disbanded or not after the death of their leader.


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