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CAMP: Who are you?
SAM: We're the guys that save the world.
— Agent Camp and Sam Winchester

Agent Camp was the Head of Site 94.


After the Secret Service arrested Sam and Dean on suspicion of trying to assassinate President Jefferson Rooney, Camp decides to keep them locked up so he can convince the brothers to speak about any ties or connections they may have.

Rick Sanchez is unhappy with this arrangement and wants them dead, believing them to be far too dangerous to be kept alive, but Camp disregards his opinion and goes to visit Sam and Dean once they've been placed inside their cells.

Camp greets the brothers and admits that he will not torture them as he believes torture to be an ineffective method in getting information. Instead he wants to lock them up for at least a month, maybe a year or more, since they have all the time in the world. Camp is certain that confinement will drive the brothers so desperate for company that they will confess to anything. Camp then leaves the brothers alone.

Within six weeks, Sam and Dean are found dead in their cell. At the prison morgue, Camp and Rick argue over who had the better plan. Shortly after they leave the morgue, Sam and Dean wake up, surprising the coroner before stuffing him into one of the drawers. With Sam and Dean on the run, Camp and Rick gather armed soldiers to track them down, this time they intend to kill Sam and Dean as Rick had wanted.

They chase the brothers through the woods, though Camp is noticeably exhausted due to his lack of field activity. He insists on continuing though. They track the brothers to a cabin but are quickly ambushed and disarmed by Sam and Dean. Sam confesses that the President had been possessed by the Devil and what they did was save the President's life. They threaten the duo not to follow them unless they want to die.

Unfortunately, Sam and Dean's attempt to spare Agent Camp is considered a loose end and Arthur Ketch arrives at the prison to assassinate everyone involved in Sam and Dean's imprisonment. Site 94 is subsequently overrun by Arthur Ketch before the Government decides to shut it down.