Camille Thibodeaux was one of the Lily Dale's top self-described psychics. She was friends with Melanie Golden.


For her work, Camile used bones of some kind to read people's future. After finishing a job, she gets a vision (via Kate Fox) of her own death. In her vision, Camille sees herself being choked at 2am in her house. So she calls Melanie who brings Dean to Camille's house. She tells him what happened, and then notices a camera. Assuming it to be a ghost, Dean plays the video and Camille is shocked to see she was touched by a real ghost while Dean leaves to find out more.

Upon receiving news that the problem was solved, Camille heads home to grab some things. Once there, she notices it's still happening, and gets Melanie to call Dean. With Dean's help they are able to fight off the ghost for a bit, but Melanie is knocked away. The ghost kills Camille.

Her death is later avenged when Sam puts Margaret to rest.



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