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Doctor Calvin Nodd was a serial killer in Supernatural: Cold Fire.


Calvin was the son of Ruth Larkin of the wealthy Larkin family that owned much of the town of Larkin's Korner. During World War II, Calvin, a doctor, enlisted as a battlefield medic and was assigned to the Philippines. While there, he was taken as a prisoner of war by the Japanese and was forced to aid a Japanese doctor, Doctor Kurokawa in his experiments on alive and healthy civilians where they would conduct amputations and vivisections on them while the patients were still alive. Kurokawa would remove eyes, limbs, genitalia and internal organs to test endurance, survival times and nutrition by feeding the flesh and organs to other prisoners. All of this was done with the aim of finding alternative food sources in times of severe rationing. Calvin eventually realized that Kurokawa, who acted like he was Calvin's mentor, was torturing him by seeing how far he could push Calvin under threat of torture and death before he refused. Instead, the experience drove Calvin to the point of insanity and after gaining Kurokawa's trust or inattention, Calvin stole a scalpel and killed Kurokawa and the guards. Calvin escaped with minor injuries, but never told anyone he had been captured, instead lying that he had been pinned down in enemy territory until he could get away.

Despite escaping Kurokawa, the insanity Calvin developed while under his tutelage remained and Calvin came to feel he was cursed for his actions before meeting a woman named Malaya while recovering from his physical injuries. Calvin and Malaya fall in love and Calvin feels hope again, eventually marrying Malaya and taking her home to Larkin's Korner after the war. However, Malaya dies giving birth to their daughter Riza and Calvin becomes convinced once more that he is cursed and Riza is meant to punish him by dying if he loves her or being an agent of his punishment if he detaches himself from her. Calvin remains emotionally detached from Riza until she hooks up with a drifter named Ronald Deluzio sixteen years later. Though Calvin forbids Riza to see Ronald, she rebels against him by continuing to date Ronald and falling pregnant by him. Calvin is enraged as he feels Riza's actions make a mockery of her mother's sacrifice to give her life, especially since he blames the hospital for Malaya's death. Calvin then murders Ronald and convinces Riza Ronald ran off on her and to have her baby at home. During the birth, Calvin doesn't use drugs as it would take away from his control of the process and begins berating Riza, blaming Riza for her own pain and her mother's death. Descending into complete insanity, Calvin strangles Riza while she is in labor, killing both Riza and her unborn child.

Following the death of Riza, Calvin buries her in a shallow grave in his "workroom" and is excited that he took a life at the moment of birth, feeling that he short-circuited creation and it gave him total control and power. To keep feeling that power, Calvin turns into a serial killer, offering other pregnant young girls and their boyfriends money as long as they don't tell anyone that he's helping them. Once their friends think that the girls have left town, he murders the boyfriends, weighs their bodies down and dumps them in a remote lake 50 miles outside of town. He then murders the five young women during childbirth and buries the bodies in the woods on Larkin land. Eventually, Calvin tries to murder a young woman giving birth during his work at the hospital, but is stopped by a nurse. Believing Calvin to simply be messed up by his wartime experience, and not knowing the truth about what had happened to him, the Larkin family covers up Calvin's actions.

Calvin then decides to flee town and suspicion to take on a false identity and continue his killing spree, having come to believe that Kurokawa was in fact a mentor to him even though he didn't see the power Kurokawa was offering him at the time. Before leaving, Calvin decides to destroy his workshop and take Riza's body with him. However, when Calvin goes to take Riza's body, she reanimates as a pontianak and mutilates Calvin to death in his own workshop.

Around 53 years after Calvin's death, his body and workshop are discovered by hunters Sam and Dean Winchester. Sam locates Calvin's journal explaining his actions and the Winchesters are disturbed by what they learn and realize that Riza is the pontianak, not Malaya as they had assumed. After killing Riza and discovering Ronald's body, the Winchesters salt and burn the bodies of Calvin and his victims.