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Caleb Fells was a mentally-deranged paranoid hippie-turned-preacher-turned-cult leader in Supernatural: Joyride.


No much known about his life prior 1960s, except he already become hippie around that time. Eventually, at some time later, he become preacher and learned various religions. However, his interpretation of religious teachings was deviate from its original teachings. At some point, he established "Free Folks of the Fields" at Moyer, Missouri. In 1962, when Cuban Missile Crisis happened, the atmosphere of conflict was so intense, to the point that his view to the world become deviated and eventually psychologically scarred. He began to start preaching about a doomsday event, where the world become hell literally with nuclear fire and explosions. In addition, due to many assassinations of political figures at around mid- to end- 1960s, the began to believe that the assinated people were actually good people and good people would not abide on the Earth, or becoming "ascended to next life", in his word. He become to taught his cult about "ascendancy" and preparation to obtained it.

In order to get enough "divine justifications", Caleb regularly used psychedelic drugs and his hallucinations or "visions" confirmed his fears. On a regular basis, he preached to the Free Folk about these visions and his plans for them. He preached that only by achieving an altered state of consciousness could they "ascend" and save themselves from the doom set to befall mankind. Every midnight, he set up his version of inter-faith discussion sessions in midnight. He believed that midnight was a magical moment in each day, a "bridge between the past and the possible". He considered it a mystical gateway. From the sessions, he later adopted some principles of the religious aspects into his cult teaching. In the end, he mixed his hippie life with complex religious beliefs.

By 1968, near of the end of his life, he gained attraction of many followers from various religion backgrounds. When Robert F. Kennedy assassinated in June 1968, the event completely changed his view of the world. He bean to display paranoia. He believed that death of RFK will trigger the event of the Apocalypse. The midnight meetings became almost a nightly occurrence. Caleb told the group they would ascend to a new world order, free of the sins of the past, but ascension was only possible during an altered state of consciousness and all the Free Folk must see and believe what he saw to ascend. Over time, he become frustrated and frustrated. In the end, at July 20, 1968, he gathered his followers. Not wanted to die during Apocalypse event, he decided to blow themselves using dynamites in their commune ranch. The explosion was so big, to the point it not only blow themselves, but also some townfolks living nearby. It was very hard to estimate how many number of victims, as most of bodies destroyed and only 23 identifiable parts that subsequently known.

The bombing was so horrible. Fearing that it will damaged reputation of Moyer city' tourism, the town officials ordered police to report only one-third of actual victim numbers, making the "official" victim number only 23. They also ordered the police to report the bombing as "accident" and "neglect of old stocks of dynamites", instead of mass murder-suicide event. The rest of unreported bodies and parts later buried secretly.

Supernatural: Joyride[]

In 2017, after the Yates rebuilt the ranch and renovated the house where the cult commune house was stood, spirits of Caleb Fells and others awakened, and now becoming The Shadow People, beginning their reign of terror and anarchy, continuing Caleb Fells' work. While most of the shadow people went to the town, he remained on the ranch.

Eventually, he possessed Daniel Yates. He attempted to kill his wife, Susan Yates, and their children, Addison Yates and Ethan Yates. While Susan seriously harmed, Addison and Ethan able to hide. Realizing that the source of The Shadow People was in Yates' ranch, Sam, Dean, Officer Tom Gruber, and Bonnie Lassiter come to the ranch to save the Yates and destroy the shadow peoples lair. Helped by defected shadow Barry (possessing Bonnie Lassiter), they eventually able to locate Caleb in Daniel body. At the time of discovery, Caleb was cornered but successfully wounded Officer Gruber and grabbed Ethan with butcher knife, threatening to split him, making Sam and Dean in deadlock condition, as Sam hold iron rounds filled shotgun, while Dean only armed with rock salt rounds, potentially injuring or killing them both.

Barry depossessed Bonnie and possessed Daniel's body. Inside Daniel's body, he demanded his former leader to stop and let go everything. However, Caleb refused. They later brawled inside Daniel's body, gutted Daniel's body and nearly splitting it. Barry later won the brawl and kept suppressing Caleb's spirit. Barry later ordered the Winchesters to burn the house, as it tethered the Shadow People to the world. As Daniel's body began to rupture due to overstraining, Sam later tossed taser to Dean, signalling Dean to change weapon and tased Daniel. When two spirits vacated, Sam turned his blacklight and radiated both Caleb and Barry spirit, destroying both for good.

Powers and Abilities[]

During this lifetime as cult leader, he was a capable leader. He also able to brainwash their followers into submission, to the point following his orders, from selling drugs, smuggling, and eventually committing mass murder-suicide.

As leader of The Shadow People, Caleb was quite powerful ghost.

  • Possession - In order to walk on earth, Caleb require vessel.
  • Mental Manipulation - Caleb can induce any person he possessed to commit evil acts, including murdering their wife and children.
  • Memory Manipulation - Like the Shadow People, he somehow able to reset the victim brain function, leaving them no recollection about what happening during possession.
  • Super Strength - He was able to brawl a trained police officer and disabled him with ease.


He shared common weaknesses of ghosts and The Shadow People

  • Retinal Flare - He showed red eyes when possessed people.
  • Overstraining - If there is a spirit that strong enough to able to challenge his influence over a vesssel, he could be restrained. However, prolonged overstraining can seriously harmed his vessel to the point the vessel began to rupture.
  • Electrocution - Electrocution with taser could expel them from their vessel, as well "killing" them. Dean was able to expel him out of vessel by tased him in possessed vessel.
  • UV-A Light from a Blacklight - UV-A light exposure could expel them from their vessel, as well "killing" them. Sam destroyed his spirit using blacklight mounted in his shotgun.



  • Caleb characters apparently based from famous cult leaders, particularly Charles Manson, Jim Jones, and David Koresh.
    • Like Charles Manson, he mixed hippie life with doomsday teachings.
    • Like Jim Jones, he was able to brainwash his cult members to the point folllowing all of his orders, including suicide. Eventually he committed mass suicide along with his cult members in Jonestown.
      • Dean sarcastical jokingly commented that he spiked his cult into "drinking Kool-Aid", a reference to Jonestown mass suicide, where people drink cyanide laced Kool-Aid without hesitation.
    • Like David Koresh, he lead a cult and involved with explosives. He eventually killed himself and his cult members in explosion during Waco siege.