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Cal Hawkins was a victim of a Leshi.


Cal is a big fan of James Dean and spends more than a decade searching for James Dean's car, the Little Bastard. He eventually finds a car that matches the Little Bastard in appearance and license number and, believing it to be the real deal, pays lots of money to bring it to his garage and show it to his best friend and fellow James Dean superfan, Jim Grossman.

Both men are delighted by this discovery. While Jim is another room, Cal admires the car but becomes startled when the car turns itself on and starts acting strange. While attempting to turn the car back off Cal is attacked and killed. Jim finds his body soon after.

Sheriff Rick Carnegie arrests Jim for Cal's death. Sam and Dean are suspicious and hear from Jim that the car, believed to be cursed, killed Cal. Sam and Dean are able to confirm that the car Cal found is not the real Little Bastard and search for the real culprit.

Reviewing the footage of Cal's death shows what appears to be James Dean himself approaching Cal from behind. They initially suspect a ghost until they discover a Leshi had assumed James Dean's form and killed Cal for being a major fan.