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Lucifer is projected from his cage into Limbo.

Cage Projection is a special summoning ritual that allows the user to project a spirit's consciousness from Lucifer's Cage, virtually summoning their essence. The spirit is still bound within the cage, so they aren't free, but they can still use their powers should there not be proper wardings. The spell comes with a variety of sigils as to keep the inhabitant powerless. This spell was recorded within the Book of the Damned.


The summoning spell, unlike other summoning spells, is extremely difficult to perform. The user must travel to Limbo, the furthest reaches of Hell to perform it. Note, that Limbo was the closest place to the Cage's actual location.

The user must prepare several ingredients to perform it: a small iron cage branded with an Angel Trap square that must be enclosed with holy fire, and a mixture of various drugs and liquors.

The user must ignite the security measure before performing the summoning spell. To perform it, the user must also recite an Enochian incantation:

Foh roh deh gah lah moh ray
Mah hoh tah

After the security layer is activated, the user can proceed to summon the spirit with an Enochian incantation.

Foh reh say-lah

After reciting the spell, the caster must drop a pinch of drugs in the bowl containing the mixture. After that, a storm will occur in Limbo, indicating the coming of the prisoner. When they are successfully summoned, it will ignite the existing security measure of holy fire, and trap them inside the cage.


12x8 LuciferExorcised.gif

To banish the being, the user must prepare a mixture of herbs and liquors, black candle aligned in hexagonal position encircling a blood sigil consisted with an encircled pentagram with various Enochian runes, an athames to draw blood from left hand palm, and a spit of saliva in right hand palm. After all ingredients prepared, the user must recited an Enochian incantation and clap their hands:

Anan avar kavak

After the spell works, the candle fire will rise and it will banish them back fully to the cage. However, if the spirit finds a suitable vessel to contain them, they will be tied to Earth, no longer to the cage, and the spell will no longer be able to send them back.

When the being is in a vessel, they must first be expelled from it at which time a different incantation is used:

Mah tay, ez loh, say tah

Once the being is out of their vessel, the spell will send them through the ground, back into the cage. The spell may need to be repeated at least twice to work.


Rowena cast this summoning spell in The Devil in the Details to summon Lucifer from the cage. She purposely sabotaged the warding sigils so Lucifer could still use his powers. When her powers were compromised by Dean and Crowley, she performed the spell to send Lucifer back to the cage, but he had already entered a vessel and bound himself to the physical world. Rowena later attempted it again in Hell's Angel and The Foundry but was unsuccessful as they were unable to remove Lucifer from his vessel.

After Lucifer is expelled from Jefferson Rooney by a hyperbolic pulse generator, Rowena is able to successfully perform the banishing spell.[1] However, it was perverted by Crowley in order to make Lucifer his prisoner.[2]


  • The sigil used by Rowena (as shown in her note) is similar to the one used by Jeffrey to summon his demon in Repo Man, albeit the Lucifer summoning sigil has an eye motiff in the middle of it.
  • Rowena said only she could open the cage, which suggests only a very capable witch can use the spell from the Book of the Damned.
  • In The Spear, the Winchesters believe they can use the spell to lock Michael in the Cage with Sam mentioning that they have the spell, suggesting that it can in fact be performed by anyone.