A copy of the magazine format of Busty Asian Beauties.

Busty Asian Beauties is a multimedia featuring east Asian women in erotic poses. It is one of Dean's favorite erotic shows, along with Casa Erotica. It was first mentioned in Tall Tales, when Sam 's laptop froze in the webpage of the said porn media. It has since been regularly mentioned or showed either in print, such as magazines, or in its website format.

A vintage magazine under the name "Voluptuous Asian Lovelies" was stored in the cache of the Order of Letters, which Dean uncovered. Dean described the magazine as the very first edition, implying Voluptuous Asian Lovelies was the precursor to the current porn media.



  • Bustyasianvintage

    Dean uncovers the first edition in the headquarters of the Men of Letters.

    The website as mentioned in the show was an actual domain registered and created by the creators of the show. Visiting the site will redirect the user to the website of the Warner Brothers. It has long since been removed.
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