Mother told the family she lost the baby, and she locked me in the attic. But she stayed devoted to me until the very end. Even got Bobby to promise to take care of me if anything happened to her.
Olivia describing her mother to Sam Winchester

Bunny LaCroix was a very wealthy W.A.S.P. woman who was the mother of the shapeshifter Olivia.

Background Edit

Bunny was born into a family with at least one sister and one brother. At some point she married a man named Lance LaCroix. Bunny however, was unfaithful and had numerous sexual partners, until she ended up pregnant with a shapeshifter's child, whom she named Olivia. When Olivia's father came to collect his child, he ended up killing Lance, who tried to stop him.

Bobby Singer came to the house and killed the shifter. Bunny begged Bobby to spare her child, which he did, on the condition that she was locked up, to keep her from harming anyone. He also agreed to take care of Olivia if anything happened to Bunny, but Bobby ended up dying before Bunny did.

According to Olivia, despite Bunny's keeping her oath to Bobby, she was a devoted and loving mother; so much so that she left everything to her daughter when she died, aside from the pendant-key that led to Olivia's attic room. Aside from Bobby, Bunny only told the butler, Phillip, about the child, everyone else was led to believe she had lost her and Lance's child, or had no child at all.

After Bunny herself died, Olivia took to killing her relatives because of how disrespectful they were to Bunny, even in death. Olivia's first victim was the maid Colette, who was stealing jewelry. Olivia killed her by taking her mother's appearance. Olivia then killed Stanton, Phillip, and Detective Howard. Olivia was shot and killed by Dean Winchester with silver bullets.



  • Judging by her portrait, Bunny once owned a dog.
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