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This unnamed rugaru was enhanced by and loyal to Michael.


At some point, he joined up with Michael's army of monsters and received enhancements by angel grace. He was supposed to take part in the attack on Kansas City, Missouri.

After Michael was captured, he redirected his army to the Men of Letters bunker to rescue him. This rugaru was part of a group of five monsters in a black van that managed to slip by most of the hunters. After approaching a roadblock led by Maggie, the five stopped and escaped into the woods until a shapeshifter killed the hunter Tiger and took his place to infiltrate the hunters.

Thanks to the shapeshifter, the monsters were easily able to break into the bunker. Leaping to the floor below, the rugaru slashed the throat of Smithy with his claws before joining a werewolf in beating up on another hunter. With the hunters losing, Jack tapped into the magic keeping him alive and unleashed a wave of power that disintegrated all five monsters.

Powers and Abilities[]

As a grace-enhanced rugaru, he possessed stronger abilities than that of a regular rugaru.

  • Super Strength - A rugaru is much stronger than a human and indeed most other monsters. They are able to snap bones and break steel chains with ease.
  • Super Speed - Speed is important to a rugaru. Being fast allows them to stalk and catch their prey.
  • Super Stamina - A rugaru will never tire nor will it give up the hunt once it has begun stalking its prey. However, they do need to eat.
  • Invulnerability - They cannot be harmed by ordinary weapons. As a grace-enhanced rugaru, he was even more invulnerable to harm than a regular rugaru.
  • Super Senses - As a species rugaru have an incredibly strong sense of smell and sight. One was able to catch the pleasant scent of a young woman undressing from a great distance.
  • Super Agility - He was easily able to leap from a balcony to the floor below and land on his feet.
  • Deadly Claws - He possessed deadly claws with which he was easily able to slit the throat of a hunter with just one swipe.


As a grace-enhanced rugaru, he lacked many of the weaknesses of a regular shapeshifter.

  • Nephilim - While drawing upon the power of his soul to use his angelic abilities, Jack effortlessly disintegrated this rugaru and four other monsters.