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These five unnamed demons served the Prince of Hell Asmodeus and aided in his attack on the Men of Letters bunker.


After Sam refused to hand over Gabriel, Asmodeus breached the wards of the Men of Letters bunker and invaded with these five demons as backup. As two of the demons sought out Gabriel, the other three attacked Sam and Castiel. Sam quickly killed one with an angel blade, but was overpowered by a second. The demon and Sam struggled over the demon's angel blade with the demon attempting to stab Sam with it. However, after a brief fight, Castiel overpowered and knocked out the third demon and turned his attention to the demon attacking Sam as Sam threw the demon off of him. Castiel quickly overpowered the demon, slamming him headfirst into the bunker computer and smiting him. Before the two could finish off the unconscious demon, they were attacked by Asmodeus himself with telekinesis.

As Asmodeus announced that he had come to claim what was him, the other two demons returned with a captive Gabriel. The two demons led Gabriel up the stairs towards the exit as Asmodeus began torturing Sam and Castiel. Snapped out of his traumatized state by his friends being in danger, Gabriel quickly fought back against the two demons who were no match for an archangel. Gabriel flung one demon over the balcony and the other down the stairs, knocking both unconscious before healing his injuries and turning his attention to Asmodeus.

Following the death of Asmodeus, the unconscious demons were killed by Sam, Castiel and Gabriel. When Dean returned from Apocalypse World, he spotted the aftermath of the fight, leading Sam and Castiel to explain the failed demon incursion.

Powers and Abilities[]

They appeared to be regular low-level demons with all the powers of ones.


They possessed the regular weaknesses of demons.

  • Higher-Tier Demons - They were weaker than and subservient to higher-level demons such as the Prince of Hell Asmodeus.
  • Angel Blades - Like most demons, they could be killed with an angel blade.
  • Seraphim - Castiel was able to overpower and smite one in a fight without much trouble. He was able to knock another unconscious without much trouble either.
  • Archangels - After reacting to his friends being in danger, Gabriel effortlessly threw off two of the demons, sending them flying to the Men of Letters bunker's lower level with great force, knocking both demons unconscious.