Buddy was a shapeshifter and the ex-boyfriend of Mia Vallens.


Buddy was a shapeshifter that met fellow shapeshifter Mia Vallens when she was "young and stupid." Unlike Mia, Buddy was sadistic and violent and enjoyed killing people. More than that, he enjoyed ruining their lives first and the look on their faces when they knew they had nothing left. Buddy was abusive towards Mia who eventually fled from him and took on a new name and face.

Buddy eventually managed to track Mia down to Madison, Wisconsin and posed as her patient John Driscol. Buddy murdered the real John and used his identity to get close to Mia and access her patient files. Buddy began targeting Mia's patients, murdering Wes Bailey in the form of his wife Erica and later Gloria Simon in the form of her son Scotty who had died in 1996.

The murder of Wes drew the attention of hunters Sam and Dean Winchester who suspected that they were dealing with a ghost because a neighbor had seen Buddy leaving Wes' house in the form of Erica. As the investigation continued, the Winchesters uncovered the victims' links to Mia and unknowingly encountered Buddy while going to see Mia. Sam eventually discovered Mia's most recently shed skin and realized that they were dealing with a shapeshifter. They accused Mia of the murders but discovered her innocence as she quickly realized that Buddy was the culprit and warned the Winchesters about him and their past together.

Sam was eventually able to identify Driscoll as Buddy from the retinal flare he displayed in Mia's security footage and went after Buddy while Dean and Jack were returning from checking out Mia's assistant Tom. Buddy managed to ambush Dean, knock him out and take on Dean's form. When Sam called to report that Buddy was gone and Driscoll was dead, Buddy told him to return to Mia's and commented on the ease of his deception. In Dean's form, Buddy used a fireplace poker to knock Jack unconscious and returned to his usual form to greet a frightened Mia.

Buddy handcuffed Dean and Jack to the fireplace and confronted Mia for going "soft." Buddy showed no remorse for his murders or in using Mia and told her that when he found Mia and the life she built for herself, he had to destroy it which he enjoyed. Buddy demanded that Mia kill Dean and Jack or he would use Dean's gun to kill her. Mia refused and challenged Buddy to shoot her, but before he could, Buddy noticed Sam arriving on the security camera. Buddy knocked Dean out when he tried to warn Sam and mimicked Dean's voice to lure Sam into a trap.

As Sam entered the room unaware of the trap, Buddy prepared to kill him with a shot from Dean's gun. However, Jack noticed what Buddy was up to and telekinetically raised Buddy into the air. Buddy still shot at Sam, but Jack managed to telekinetically deflect the bullet and blast Buddy into the wall. As he rose again, an alerted Sam shot Buddy in the heart with a silver bullet, killing him.

In the aftermath of Buddy's death, Mia rejected the hunters' help and chose to deal with Buddy's body herself, blaming herself for the atrocities that Buddy had committed.

A year and a half later, while discussing the types of monsters that are real with Eliot, Max and Stacy, Jack briefly mentions his encounter with Buddy as proof that shapeshifters exist.


Buddy was extremely sadistic and violent and appeared to be a complete psychopath. His ex-girlfriend Mia Vallens stated that Buddy would do more than just kill people, he would ruin their lives first and he enjoyed it. Buddy got enjoyment out of seeing the look on people's faces when they realized that they had nothing left. After working to ruin Mia's life, Buddy called his actions "fun." Buddy expressed a belief that "everybody uses everybody." He openly admitted he was a monster, he tried to make Mia embrace that but was angry when she rejected his attempts.

Buddy appeared to have an obsession with Mia who he was angry at for leaving him. However, he did not truly appear to care for her as he was physically and verbally abusive towards her and had no compunctions against destroying her life. Buddy appeared angrier at the fact that Mia left him and that perhaps he had lost an easy victim for his psychopathic behavior than anything else. Buddy freely admitted to using Mia and threatened her life in an attempt to force her to commit murder and didn't appear to care about potentially having to kill Mia if she failed to honor his wishes.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Buddy possessed all the powers of a regular shapeshifter.

  • Shapeshifting - As a shapeshifter, he had the ability to change his shape into anyone living or dead, leaving behind shed skin each time.
    • Voice Mimicry - After briefly taking on the form of Dean Winchester, Buddy displayed the ability to mimic just his voice without turning into Dean again.
  • Super Strength - Shapeshifters possess greater than normal strength. Buddy was strong enough to rip Gloria Simon apart with his bare hands while in the form of a young boy and knock a restrained Dean Winchester unconscious with a single blow.
  • Super Speed - Shapeshifters possess greater than normal speed.
  • Super Agility - Shapeshifters possess quicker reflexes than a normal human.
  • Regeneration - As they can change their form easily, shapeshifters can heal non-fatal wounds, and even replace body parts.


Buddy possessed all the weaknesses of a shapeshifter.

  • Silver - As a shapeshifter, he was vulnerable to silver.
  • Retinal flare - As a shapeshifter, Buddy displayed a retinal flare on camera which could be used to identify him as a shapeshifter.


Killed ByEdit

After noticing Sam arriving, Buddy mimicked Dean's voice to lure Sam into a trap. However, his attempt to shoot Sam was foiled by Jack who used telekinesis to blast Buddy into a wall and deflect his bullet. After Buddy rose again, Sam shot him in the heart with a silver bullet, killing Buddy.


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