She took me in. Me and two other girls. At first, we didn't want to leave. She fed us, gave us all nice things. She was... kind. She said having us there kept her young. But then she... she got mean, she locked us up. Rachel started getting sick, just like this. Then Tally same thing. They withered away... to nothing. When your friend showed up, I thought I was saved. But then it started taking me too, even faster than the others.
Lora tells Jack about her experiences with the witch.
in The Scar

Broomhilda is the nickname given by Jules to a witch sucking the life force of teenage girls to keep herself young.


At an unknown point, the witch that came to be known as Broomhilda began collecting teenage girls to keep herself young, particularly three named Rachel, Tally and Lora. Broomhilda gave the three girls magical amulets identical to her own that would drain their life force into her. However, while she was originally kind to the girls, Broomhilda turned mean and locked them up. Her life force draining magic caused first Rachel and then Tally to wither away to nothing as their life force was transferred to her. Broomhilda dumped the bodies somewhere in Wichita, Kansas where she was operating out of.

The withered bodies left behind by Broomhilda were noticed by Sam Winchester's new hunter network and the hunter Jules went to check the case out. Jules managed to identify the culprit as a witch and tracked down Broomhilda and killed her with a witch-killing bullet to the heart. However, even though Broomhilda was dead, her magic continued to work and began draining Lora's life force in an attempt to keep Broomhilda young and alive, but the magic was impeded by the witch-killing bullet still in her body, preventing it from potentially bringing her back.

With Lora beginning to wither away before she could even bury Broomhilda's body, Jules took both Lora and Broomhilda to the Men of Letters bunker in an effort to save the girl's life. Broomhilda's body was stored in the morgue, presumably for later disposal. With the effects of the life force draining being mistaken for an aging spell, Jules and the Seraphim Castiel worked to break the spell without success and Lora ultimately died. After Lora's death, Jack realized what was actually going on from Lora's story about her time with the witch. By smashing Broomhilda's amulet, Jack was able to restore Lora's life force to her and resurrect the girl.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Broomhilda appeared to be a fairly powerful witch.

  • Life Force Draining - Through her magical amulets, she was able to drain the life force of teenaged girls to keep herself young and alive, ultimately turning them into withered husks. Her magic was so powerful that not even a Seraphim's healing powers could counter it and the magic kept working even after her death in an attempt to keep her young and alive.


  • Witch-killing bullets - Jules was able to kill her with a witch-killing bullet to the heart. The bullet was also able to prevent her magic from potentially reviving her.


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