Brock Buckner is an athlete, specifically a quarterback.


Brock is doing bench presses in the school's gym with his coach, Phil Evans, who praises him, though he advises Brock to lay off the H.G.H. Phil soon leaves him to continue his work out alone.

Brock proceeds to lift dumbbells in front of a mirror with the coach visible to his right through a window. He puts on headphones, which plays the song "Hell to Pay". Soon after, he spots the coach being attacked by someone in a jester costume. He rushes into the office and tackles the jester to the ground.

Police eventually arrive at the scene. Brock answers to FBI agents, who are in fact Sam and Dean. Brock admits to not seeing much because he was busy. He notes that the jester's mask wouldn't come off, and was surprised with how strong the jester was, despite his size. Brock adds that he holds the state bench record.

Upon Sam's inquiry, he admits the gym became unusually cold around the time of the attack.



  • Brock Buckner's name may be a reference to Supernatural writer Brad Buckner.
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