Brice Graham is a deputy from Hibbing, Minnesota.


After a mostly eaten body was found in an alley during the Minnesota-Dakota Sheriff's' Retreat and deemed an animal attack, Sheriffs Jody Mills and Donna Hanscum cornered local Sheriff Len Cuse in the venue's bar to try and finagle information from him about the case. Deputy Graham arrived and gave him an excuse to duck their questions with the pretense of needing him to tend to an issue with "the raffle." When Jody caught the two of them whispering a short time later, they revealed that another apparent animal attack had occurred, but asked her not to spread the news around, lest every sheriff at the retreat try to get involved.

Jody had called Sam and Dean for their professional advice after the first body was found, but told them she could handle things and not to come. They ignored her, however, and arrived at the retreat after they stopped by the morgue and saw that the second body was also mostly eaten. They tasked her with distracting Sheriff Donna while they talked to Sheriff Cuse and Deputy Graham. When the deputy asked if the FBI had nothing better to do than arrest a bobcat from Hibbing, Dean remarked that they go wherever duty called. With a condescending smile, Brice remarked that they weren't the first feds to roll into town and come up with nothing, but he sure found it cute to watch them try. Sam tried to subdue Dean's growing irritation with him by quickly asking the sheriff if there was any surveillance footage of the attacks, but he replied that there was none. Both Sam and Dean noticed Deputy Graham's reaction to the sheriff's answer, which suggested that he knew he'd lied. When the two of them left, Sam decided that he would go hack the police server in search of the footage, and Dean declared that he would go crack "Deputy Douche". Sam reminded him not to be so defensive about his pretend job while he was at it.

Dean found Deputy Graham and decided to take a different tack with him by declaring that they'd gotten off on the wrong foot. He then appealed to his ego by treating him as one of the few there capable of holding his own with the higher-ups in D.C. He got him to admit that Sheriff Cuse changed the password on the server to the live traffic feed that was in view of the first attack, and that when he had gone to check the footage, the sheriff told him he'd take care of it himself.

Deputy Graham regarded the sheriff as a good guy and told Dean that he was sure he had his reasons for his actions. Dean thanked him for his cooperation and told him he'd come find him when he needed him. However, he was not part of the discovery and extermination of the sheriff's former vampire nest, and was not seen again.

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