Brian Carter is the husband of Susan Carter and father of Kate and Danny.


Season 4Edit

Following the death of their eldest son, Brian, Susan, Kate, Danny and Ted decided to move into a house in Stratton, Nebraska for a fresh start. They soon meet Sam and Dean, who ask them to move out of the house for a day for chemical inspection, in which they do so. After revealing the former residents of the house currently haunt it, Sam, Dean and the family are led on a chase. Dean reassures them that salt will keep them away, however this proves to be untrue as they easily pass through the salt line set up. Ted and Susan hear the death of their dog as Danny is missing. They are left in a shed as Sam and Dean attempt to face the monsters head on, and Dean returns with the news that Ted is dead. It is eventually revealed that what they were being hunted by was nothing more than regular humans.



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