Brenna Dobbs was the wife of Roy Dobbs.


One year ago in Bristol, Rhode Island, Samuel Campbell and Sam Winchester revealed themselves as hunters to Brenna and her husband, Sheriff Roy Dobbs. After Sam and Samuel left town, Roy mysteriously disappeared.

Sam Samuel Roy Dobbs

Sam, Samuel, Brenna and Roy talk.

Season 6Edit

A year later, after Death returns Sam's soul, Sam is arrested as he previously brutally beat up an officer while soulless. Sam is confronted by Brenna in a jail cell, and she demands to know what happened to Roy, knowing he must have had something to do with it. Sam convinces her that he doesn't remember anything of the event and releases him, and he aids her in investigating the case. She shares the case files with him to do with Roy's disappearance, and Sam suddenly remembers the flashback of his year soulless, and also remembers the monster responsible for killing Roy. He leaves and Roy, now an arachne, appears at her house and later forces her to lure Sam and Dean back to the house.

She is distraught and, when they return, she distracts them and they are taken prisoner by Roy Dobbs, who binds them with web. Roy says he will enact revenge for Sam betraying and then shooting him, by luring him back by sending him the coordinates. He also kidnapped and turned women Sam previously slept with. As Roy is talking, Dean uses a piece of broken glass to tear the web around him, and manages to escape and attack the arachne, and Brenna picks up a machete and uses it to help Sam escape. Sam uses the machete to kill Roy by decapitation.



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