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Braydon Albright was a man who gained the power to shapeshift into a creature known as Sheepsquatch or the White Thing through unknown means.


At an unknown point in time, Braydon gained the power to shapeshift into a creature that would become known as Sheepsquatch or the White Thing, possibly by being cursed or through making a deal with a demon. As the Sheepsquatch, Braydon hunted in the woods where he lived in West Virginia. The Sheepsquatch came to be known for killing dogs, pigs and cattle.

In about 1998, the patriarch of the Underwood family of hunters went after Sheepsquatch. The attempt ended with Braydon killing the man. The Underwood family swore revenge on Sheepsquatch, but were unable to catch it, getting close two times, but failing. The Underwoods located the god they came to call the Lord of the Hunt in the woods two weeks after Mr. Underwood's death. Realizing what the Lord of the Hunt could do from the lore they found, the Underwoods made a deal with the god to grant them the power they needed to kill Sheepsquatch in exchange for sacrificing to him. By sacrificing animals, the Underwoods got enough enhanced abilities to get close to Sheepsquatch a couple of times, but the power they were given proved to be too little to allow them to kill the creature.

By about 2000, a year and a half after Mr. Underwood's death, the Underwood family realized that they needed to feed the Lord of the Hunt something bigger than animals and offered to feed him humans. When young hunters Sam and Dean Winchester were sent to the Underwood home by their injured father John Winchester, the Underwoods promised to sacrifice the Winchesters to the god after they helped hunt Sheepsquatch, an offer that the Lord of the Hunt accepted. At the same time, over a week before the Winchesters arrival in the area, Braydon transformed into Sheepsquatch and lost either the ability or the will to return to human form. As a result, Braydon remained trapped in his Sheepsquatch form and was reported missing by his wife. The Underwoods mistakenly came to believe that Braydon was a victim of Sheepsquatch.

Now enhanced by powers granted to them by the Lord of the Hunt, the Underwoods worked with the Winchesters to hunt Sheepsquatch. Following a lead from a regular hunter, the Underwoods and the Winchesters staked out a creek where Sheepsquatch had been spotted drinking. After a three day stakeout, Braydon finally arrived and began to drink from the creek.

While he was distracted, Gretchen Underwood shot him from a distance with a rifle, drawing Braydon's attention and enraging him. Gretchen shot him again, causing Braydon to charge at her, only to have Dean, Stewart and Julie attack with shotguns. The blasts struck Braydon in the face shoulder and arm, driving him to one knee in pain. As Stewart retrieved the white ash stake that could kill Sheepsquatch, Dean and Julie kept blasting Braydon, forcing him to all fours and apparently weakening him. As Braydon was kept down by the shotgun blasts, Stewart leapt on his back dramtically and tried to stake him. However, Braydon was able to hit Stewart with his right claw, inflicting serious cuts and flinging Stewart into a tree with the force of the impact breaking Stewart's back.

With her son down, Julie rushed to his aid while Dean alone faced Braydon with his shotgun. After Dean ran out of shells, Braydon rose to his feet and advanced on Dean intent on tearing him apart. Before he could, Gretchen raced in using the unnatural speed granted to her by the Lord of the Hunt and slammed into Braydon's chest. As Braydon started clawing at her back, Gretchen used her enhanced strength to ram the stake she'd recovered from her brother into Braydon's chest and into his heart, killing him.

In the aftermath of the fight, the Underwood kids' injuries rapidly healed due to the powers the Lord of the Hunt gave them. Braydon's dead body shifted back from Sheepsquatch into his human form which still sported all of the injuries he received in the fight. The hunters were left shocked by the revelation of Sheepsquatch's identity and speculated on the source of his powers. Julie viciously kicked Braydon in the head and announced that it was for killing her husband.

Physical AppearanceEdit

In his human form, Braydon appeared as a skinny man in his late fifties with short gray hair and thick stubble.

As the Sheepsquatch, Braydon was seven to eight feet tall and covered in thick, wool-like fur. He walked on two legs and his arms ended in a pair of paw-like hands with wicked-looking sharp black claws. He had the head of a canine with two tusk-like teeth protruding from his upper jaw. On his head, he had two large curved horns like that of a ram and a hairless tail similar to an opossum. His body emitted a strong sulfur-like smell, only a hundred times worse. Rather than having eyes that would be expected of such a creature, Braydon retained his human eyes in his Sheepsquatch form.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Through unknown means, Braydon gained several abilities.

  • Shapeshifting - Braydon possessed the ability to shapeshift into a giant creature known as the Sheepsquatch. While he originally was able to turn back, he eventually either lost the ability to return to human form or the desire to do so.
  • Deadly Claws - As the Sheepsquatch, Braydon possessed wicked-looking sharp black claws he could use to tear his prey apart.
  • Super Strength - In his Sheepsquatch form, Braydon was inhumanly strong. With a single blow from his arm and claws, Braydon flung Stewart Underwood into a tree with enough force to break his back.
  • Invulnerability - As the Sheepsquatch, Braydon was invulnerable to most methods of killing. While multiple rifle and shotgun blasts hurt him, they could not kill him nor did they seem to do anything more than cause him great pain and anger.


  • White Ash Stake - A stake made of white ash to the heart could kill Braydon in his Sheepsquatch form.


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