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This unnamed demon, known by his vessel's name Brady, was a pawn and agent of Azazel, who killed Sam's girlfriend Jessica on the demon general's orders. As the manager of Niveus Pharmaceuticals, he was the stable boy of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.



According to the demon, he possessed Brady sometime during Fall Break. The demon subjected his vessel to several bad habits such as drinking and drugs, warranting concern from Sam.

Brady introduced Sam Winchester to Jessica Moore on Azazel's orders, the purpose being to have them fall in love and later kill her so as to force Sam back into hunting for revenge. Brady was the one that actually killed Jessica, Azazel just put the hit out on her.

Season 5[]

Brady was seen as working for Pestilence and was a key player in the Horseman's plan to spread the Croatoan Virus throughout the world by disguising it as a vaccine for swine flu. As the head of Niveus Pharmaceutical, he ordered his unsuspecting human employees to begin mass-producing the vaccine and distributing it. He later killed one of the more uncooperative employees and used his blood to communicate with Pestilence.

Dean Winchester attempted to lure Brady into a trap by pretending to offer him a deal in exchange for the rings of War and Famine. However, Brady revealed that War and Famine would never return to full strength even if their rings were returned. He then attacked and beat up Dean. However, unbeknownst to either Dean or Brady, this had been part of Crowley's plan to capture Brady. Crowley snuck up behind Brady, put a sack with a devil's trap over his head, and knocked him out. Crowley then carved a demonic sigil into Brady's body, preventing him from smoking out or teleporting away.

Upon being brought to Crowley's hideout, Brady attempted to goad Sam into killing him . Dean, however, stopped Sam from doing so. Crowley then tried to get Brady to realize that Lucifer would exterminate all demons once he had destroyed humanity. Brady didn't believe this, so Crowley went and massacred a nest of demons, leaving one alive to spread misinformation that Brady had abandoned his post the other night and was working against Lucifer. Sam interrogated Brady and he revealed Azazel sent him to befriend Sam and that he was the one who killed Jessica.

Crowley returned and told Brady the demons are now after him as well. A hellhound was sent to capture Brady and broke into the hideout as Brady begged to be let out. However, Crowley brought his own hellhound which fought the other hound, allowing everyone to escape. Realizing that he would be tortured for eternity if Lucifer won, Brady gave up Pestilence's location. Crowley then left, leaving the Winchesters to deal with Brady. Brady taunted Sam again about how he'd let himself be manipulated his entire life. Brady tried to attack Sam but the latter overcame him and responded by stabbing him with the demon-killing knife, killing him. Brady's body was left in the alley.[1]

Shortly after the Winchesters defeated Pestilence, Crowley approached them with news of Niveus' swine flu vaccine. As Brady was VP of Distribution and working for Pestilence, they realize that he was working with Niveus to distribute the Croatoan virus and quickly put a stop to his plot.[2]

Powers and Abilities[]

Brady was an exceptionally powerful black-eyed demon. He also served as the Horsemen's "stable boy."

  • Immortality - As a demon, Brady could live forever unless killed.
  • Invulnerability - Even for a demon Brady was durable, Crowley stated even he couldn't crack him through torture. It took several blows from a crowbar after he had a bag with a Devil's Trap on it put on his head to knock him out.
  • Possession - As a demon, Brady possessed one of Sam's best friends.
  • Pyrokinesis - After pinning Jessica Moore to the celling and slicing open her stomach, Brady set her on fire, burning down Sam's apartment in the process.
  • Super strength - Brady easily outmatched Dean; kicking and hurling him around casually.
  • Telekinesis - Brady could move objects and people with his mind. He opened and closed his office door as well as moved a chair all with a simple wave of his hand. If he was the demon that killed Jessica, then he pinned her to the celling with his mind and he kept her there without even being in the room.
  • Biokinesis - If Brady was telling the truth about killing Jessica, he was able to slice open her stomach with his mind without even being in the room.
  • Teleportation - Brady was able to teleport himself downstairs while chasing Dean.
  • Spell Casting - Able to perform the spell to use a goblet of blood to contact Pestilence.


  • Devil's Trap - Brady could be imprisoned inside a Devil's Trap.
  • Demon-Killing Knife- Brady was killed by the demon-killing knife.
  • Hellhounds - Brady could be killed by a hellhound.
  • Binding Sigil - A binding sigil carved in Brady's chest was able to prevent him from teleporting or leaving his host.
  • Salt - Brady could not cross over salt lines.


Killed By[]

After getting the location of Pestilence from Brady, Sam stabbed and killed him with the demon-killing knife in revenge for the murder of Jessica Moore.



  • Both Eric Johnson, who played Brady, and Jensen Ackles, who played Dean, appeared on the CW show Smallville as Lana Lang's boyfriends, Whitney Fordman and Jason Teague, in Season 1 (Johnson) and Season 4 (Ackles).
  • The official fifth season companion guide gives Brady the first name of "Tyson," though he is not referred to by this name on-screen.
  • This was the first known supernatural creature Jessica encountered as well as the last.