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Brad was the brother of Suzie.


Brad is first shown interrupting Suzie by turning off the television while she was watching it. Suzie is obviously annoyed and quickly turns it back on. Seconds later, their mother orders Suzie to take the laundry basket downstairs. She too turns the television off, much to Brad's amusement.

However, Suzie accidentally activates the Werther Box buried down there and everyone but her is affected by the Box's defense mechanisms. Once Suzie wakes up after being knocked unconscious, she travels throughout the house in search of her family. She first discovers her and Brad's father in his office with a self-inflicted gun shot wound.

As a terrified Suzie rushes down the hall, she catches Brad hanging himself from the ceiling. She rushes over to their mother in the kitchen, though their mother simply slits her throat while Suzie is clutching onto her.

The death of Suzie's brother and the rest of her family permanently traumatizes Suzie.

When the Werther Box is opened again years later, Suzie begins hallucinating and sees her entire family, each one pale with injuries caused by the respective suicides.