Brad was a co-worker and friend of Jim.


While working late at night, Brad noticed that Jim was constantly checking his cell phone, to the point of neglecting work. Brad deduced Jim's partner Janice had Jim on a leash, but Jim denied it, saying Janice simply wanted to know where he was.

Brad didn't believe him, and started making over-the-top suggestions about what Janice really wanted, such as wanting to know if Jim was "whipped". Jim insisted it wasn't like that, and pleaded for two extra minutes. Brad, being the head of the project they were working on, refused to go "half-ass" simply because his wingman had gone mental over a woman.

Suddenly, Janice arrived at the office, crying. Brad was shocked, and watched Janice complain about Jim choosing work over her. When Jim tried to deny it, Brad made suggestive sounds as encouragement, only for Janice to shoot Brad in the heart without looking at him.

Janice would become saddened by this murder knowing that on top of work, prison was going to keep her and Jim apart. The two lovers proceeded to commit suicide to avoid such a fate.


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