Boyd Loughlin was a powerful witch and a member of the Loughlin Family.


Boyd was a member of the Loughlin Family, a powerful family of druidic witches who came to the United States in the early 20th century. The Loughlin Family had many witches come to live with them to study their magic for a price. Amongst these was Rowena MacLeod after she was kicked out of her homeland by the British Men of Letters, but Boyd and his siblings treated Rowena cruelly. While powerful, all of the family but Boyd and his siblings Catriona and Gideon were killed by hunters. The three siblings managed to escape with the Black Grimoire, their spellbook, but were believed dead aside from a few rumors by all including other witches.

In 2017, while living in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, the siblings' accountant Barry Gilman ripped them off. While Gideon urged Catriona to let it go, she hexed Barry to have his stomach filled with money to kill him. This drew the attention of hunters Sam and Dean Winchester, the latter of whom killed Gideon, but not before Gideon cursed him to lose his memory. The next night, Catriona and Boyd discovered Gideon's body and were enraged, deciding to bring their brother back by switching his soul with Sam's. Tracking down the siblings, Sam attempts to force Catriona to give him what he needs to break the curse, but instead she and Boyd ambush Sam and knock him out.

As the siblings prepare the ritual, they are interrupted by the arrival of Rowena. Catriona recognizes her and attacks her. Boyd prepares the spell alone until Dean barges into the room, armed with a gun. Using witch-killing bullets, Dean is able to kill Catriona with a bullet to the head. The shock leaves Boyd distracted, long enough for Sam to break free of his restraints and attack Boyd. Boyd flees the room with Sam chasing after him. They are both confronted by Dean, who is initially uncertain on who to shoot. Sam points out that he is the brother and Boyd is the witch, so Dean shoots Boyd.

With Boyd's death, the Loughlin family becomes extinct, and their prized Black Grimoire falls into the possession of Sam and Dean. Dean was cured of the memory curse by Rowena who used a spell from the Black Grimoire.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Boyd was a very powerful witch. He was a master of druidic magic.

  • Telekinesis - Boyd threw Sam into a wall using the Repelling spell. He later used regular telekinesis to knock his knife out of Sam's hand however.
  • Soul Trading - Boyd intended to use a ritual to trade Sam's soul for the soul of his deceased brother Gideon, and, by doing so, resurrect him.




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