The practice of using a bow and arrow to shoot. Bowhunting has historically been used in hunting and combat, and has become a precision sport.


Sam: Well, Dad never treated you like that. You were perfect. He was all over my case. You don't remember?
Dean: Well, maybe he had to raise his voice, but sometimes, you were out of line.
Sam: Right. Right, like when I said I'd rather play soccer than learn bowhunting.
Dean: Bowhunting's an important skill.
Season 1, Bugs

Dean: So what are you saying? That Dad was disappointed in you?
Sam: Was? Is. Always has been.
Dean: Why would you think that?
Sam: Because I didn't wanna bowhunt or hustle pool –- because I wanted to go to school and live my life, which, to our whacked-out family, made me the freak.
Season 1, Bugs
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