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This unnamed bounty hunter lived in Apocalypse World and captured humans for a price for the angels.


Unlike most of the humans in Apocalypse World, this hunter didn't fear the angels. Instead, he worked as a bounty hunter for them as well and hunted other humans, particularly members of the resistance, incapacitated them and delivered them to angel POW camps.

After Dean Winchester came to Apocalypse World, this hunter snuck up on Dean and shot him in the shoulder, incapacitating Dean. As Dean struggled, the man began restraining him, commenting that the angels would pay double for Dean as he was "a strong one" while "most of the slaves is a mite scrawny." As the man continued to tie up Dean, he was tackled by Arthur Ketch who demanded to know where he was going to take Dean. The man overpowered Arthur and the two struggled over a knife before Dean fired his gun into the air, ending the fight.

Though the man surrendered, he refused to tell Dean where he intended to take Dean, leading to Dean shooting the man in the leg. As Dean threatened the man again, he finally told Dean that he was going to take Dean to the Silo, a POW camp four or five hours away. After the man gave him directions, Dean pistol-whipped him unconscious. Dean and Arthur then stole the man's gear and weapons for their own use, finding multiple powerful weapons including at least one grenade, a machine gun and angel-killing bullets that would prove useful for their own mission.

As Dean and Arthur headed towards the camp, Dean collapsed and Arthur discovered that the wound was poisoned. Arthur recognized the poison as being similar to one the British Men of Letters used to incapacitate the monsters they hunted. Arthur suggested that the bounty hunter coated his bullets with the poison to "hobble his prey." If the antidote wasn't administered in time, the poison would cause the victims to die "a particularly gruesome death." Fortunately, Arthur knew the antidote and was able to use it to save Dean's life.