Boris's nest was a large nest of vampires working towards the Alpha Vampire's goal of creating an army of vampires for Eve.

History[edit | edit source]

After the King of Hell Crowley began a search for Purgatory by capturing monsters and torturing them, the Mother of All Monsters, Eve, ordered her "children" to drastically increase their numbers. As part of this, the Alpha Vampire sent out a telepathic vision ordering his "children" to begin recruiting humans into their nests. One such nest that received these orders was led by Boris, a vampire over 600 years old.

Boris embarked upon a plan laid out by the Alpha Vampire of contacting teenage vampire fans on the Internet, using cheesy poetry and dialogue similar to the current vampire culture teenagers love so much and turn these people into vampire. The nest would then lock them in cages and feed the new vampires from blood bags until they were totally compliant. Once they were, the nest would use these people to continue the cycle while robbing blood vans for blood to feed themselves rather than attacking live humans. In this way, the nest would be able to avoid drawing the attention of hunters. Hitting three different towns, the nest was able to grow to a large size amongst which was Robert who was lured in, turned and became a recruiter.

Eventually, the nest moved to the town of Limestone, Illinois where the vampires lured in seven young women. The last of these was Kristen who was recruited by Robert. The disappearances drew the attention of hunters Sam and Dean Winchester who learned of Kristen's vampire obsession and rightly suspected vampires were behind it, using her obsession to get easy prey. After a raid on a blood van that left the driver dead, Samuel Campbell discovered the connection to the other three towns. Visiting the Black Rose, the nightclub where Robert and Kristen met, Sam killed a vampire recruiter while Dean encountered Boris after chasing a fake vampire. Seeing Dean as "pretty" and feeling he was perfect to be a recruiter, Boris turned Dean into a vampire, unaware of the fact that he was a hunter. While Sam saw Boris's actions, he didn't intervene as he knew the Campbell Family had a cure and in his soulless state, saw it as a way into the nest.

After learning of the cure, Dean used his new vampire senses to track down the nest where Kristen had already been put to work on recruiting more victims. Boris, still unaware that Dean was a hunter, explained the nest's actions to him and how he wanted Dean to recruit more victims for the nest. Needing Boris's blood for the cure, Dean drew a syringe of dead man's blood, but inadvertently alerted Boris to his actions by a drop hitting the floor. Though Boris quickly subdued Dean, the entire nest was hit by another telepathic message from the Alpha Vampire moments later, knocking them all out. Dean also received the message and when he awoke Boris let all of the turned girls out of their cages and set the nest upon Dean. Augmenting his own hunting abilities with his new vampire powers, Dean single-handedly slaughtered the nest and killed Boris who stated that Dean had changed nothing by killing them. Outside, Sam and Samuel dispatched a single vampire guard and got inside too late to help with the rest.

Using Boris's blood, Samuel was able to cure Dean who related what he'd learned in the nest to his brother and grandfather the next morning. Dean told them that the nest's actions showed that the vampires no longer feared hunters and that the Alpha Vampire was building an army.

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  • Its unclear how many vampires are in the nest, but Dean is shown to have killed over a dozen. Boris is shown sending six females at him after Dean injects another with dead man's blood. Additionally, Dean shoves one male down the stairs and is seen killing two males and facing off with a third before jumping down to face Boris. Dean apparently kills the two vampires he knocked out off-screen as at least one is shown lying unconscious with their head still attached when Dean goes to face Boris. As well as the unnamed vampires there is Boris, Kristen Powell, Robert and the Vampire Recruiter and a vampire killed by Sam outside the nest.
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