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Borderwalkers are a race of supernatural beings featured in Supernatural: Coyote's Kiss.


Borderwalkers are found only in the deepest desert and are generally very shy, rarely making contact with living humans. But they are attracted by dying women and will often make an offer to guide their soul. A normal Borderwalker is a shape-shifter, able to take on aspects of various desert animals such as the coyote, the scorpion or the rattlesnake. The transformation can be reversed by the Borderwalker ingesting the blood of the Alpha Borderwalker.


In ancient times, the trickster god Huehuecoyotl was drawn to a beautiful mortal woman and replaced her heart with a copal to make her his. Even after this, the woman refused to stop loving him and clung to Huehuecoyotl as he returned to his own realm. As a result of this, the woman became the first Borderwalker, or rather the Alpha Borderwalker. She later began turning dying women into Borderwalkers as well and came to see them as her children who followed in her path, guiding dying women to the afterlife or offering them the chance to become Borderwalkers as well. They are generally harmless and are left alone by hunters.

On April 18, 1995 the Tzitzimimeh, or Star Demon queen Itzapapalotl possessed four Customs and Border Protection officers and forced them to rape a woman named Elvia Reveultas and beat her to near death. Before breaking the possession, Itzapapolotl branded Elvia with her mark. As the Star Demon had hoped, a Borderwalker was drawn to the dying Elvia and transformed her into a Borderwalker herself. However, the mark corrupted the transformation, filling Elvia with an all-consuming rage and driving her dangerously insane. The mark also consumed the Borderwalker that transformed Elvia, killing the Borderwalker but also causing Elvia to be imbued with the Borderwalker who transformed hers power as well as the power she gained from the transformation, making her unnaturally powerful for a Borderwalker.

In 2011, Elvia reemerged and began murdering the men who raped and killed her, drawing the attention of hunters Sam and Dean Winchester and Xochi Cazadora. Believing Elvia simply to be a wounded animal of sorts, the hunters set out to kill her in order to end her rampage and her misery only to get caught up in Itzapapalotl's plot when Teo Cazadora and Nagual loyal to her began working to kidnap Elvia. Discovering the truth about Elvia's transformation, the hunters came to realize the Star Demons corrupted Elvia's transformation as part of a plan to use her power as a Borderwalker to transport beings between worlds to bring the Star Demons from their realm to Earth. In order to stop this, the group and Elvia's human daughter Claudia sought out the Alpha Borderwalker in order to reverse the transformation and return Elvia to being human once more. However, Teo was able to capture Elvia and force her to open a portal between the Star Demon realm and Earth before the Winchesters lose the cure that would revert Elvia's transformation. Due to wounds inflicted upon her by the Star Demons, Elvia lacked the strength to reverse her gate and send them back to their realm on her own, so Claudia had her mother transform her as well. Together, the two Borderwalkers grasped the nearly-emerged Itzapapolotl and reversed the gate, sending the Star Demons back into their own realm and foiling their plot.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Portal Creation - Borderwalkers have the power to transport people and objects between worlds.
  • Superhuman Strength - Able to tear apart a large number of people with ease.
  • Shapeshifting - Can take on various monstrous forms like tarantulas or a scorpion with a thousand tails or a vulture with a skull for a face.


  • Obsidian Weapons - Weapons made of obsidian rather than silver are more effective against Borderwalkers.
  • Marigold flowers - Marigold flowers offer protection against them.
  • Emotions - Since they are shapeshifters in general but without rational thought, a borderwalker can be made to revert to its human form by emotionally connecting with it, leaving it vulnerable to regular weapons.
  • Itztlitlantl - An ancient leaf shaped obsidian knife. Can, without a doubt, eliminate a borderwalker.
  • Spells - Can be bound by certain spells.



  • Borderwalkers are only female, like Amazons.
  • A borderwalker can pass on its affliction only to a dying woman and thus relieve itself from this world. Since borderwalkers are mostly seen as coyotes, this process is called Coyote's Kiss.
  • They can be cured by using the blood of the Alpha Borderwalker.
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