The borax bomb was a makeshift bomb created by Sam Winchester using borax, a weakness for Leviathans.


During the Raid on Richard Roman Enterprises, Sam created the bomb while Charlie Bradbury cleared the Winchesters out of Frank Devereaux's hard drive and hacked into Dick Roman's email.

As part of their plan to steal the suitcase containing the Leviathan Tablet, the Winchesters switched out the real suitcase with an identical one containing the bomb. The suitcase was taken by Victor who believed it to be the correct one. In Dick's office, the bomb literally blew up in Dick and Victor's faces, splashing them with borax. Victor was left on the floor in agony while Dick, burned but relatively unharmed, used a towel to pick up the phone and order security to lock the building down.

The bomb ultimately distracted Dick long enough for Charlie to escape with the help of the Winchesters and the ghost of Bobby Singer. In retaliation for his failure, Dick ate Victor.


The main component of the bomb is a bottle of Power Cleaner, a household substance containing borax. The bottle is wired to a battery and a cell phone while the cell phone is also wired to a second battery. The cell phone has a timer set for how long until the bomb detonates with the words Time Is Up beneath the timer. The bomb itself is contained within a suitcase identical to the one carrying the Leviathan Tablet. When the bomb detonates, it sprays everything nearby with borax.


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