Witches kneeling and chanting before the Book of Shadows.

Book of Shadows, we kneel before you. Let us serve your master as you serve us.

The Book of Shadows is a tome that is used for witchcraft and related dark arts. It was used by the demon Astaroth who possessed the human Tammi in order to establish a coven and gain more followers.

Recent HistoryEdit

It was brought to an unnamed suburb by the demon Astaroth, who at some point in the recent past, killed and possessed a human named Tammi. She introduced the book to Elizabeth Higgins, Renee Van Allen  and Amanda Burns, who, according to the demon, were very eager to accept the book and the powers it contained.

The activity of the witches soon caught the attention of the Winchesters and Ruby, who worked together to defeat Astaroth. The fight resulted into the death of the demon and all of the coven. The book was never seen or mentioned since.



  • The Book of Shadows is a reference to real-world Wicca religion.
  • The book being used by three female witches, is also a reference to the supernatural series Charmed, where three sisters use a book of the same name in their battles against demons and other forces.
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