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The Book Club was the name of the coven of witches founded by Astaroth in Sturbridge, Massachusetts.


Renee, Elizabeth and the demon Astaroth.

Members of the club were manipulated to sell their souls to a dark force by a demon named Astaroth. The members may not realize they were actually selling their souls, as Elizabeth was shocked to find out the truth. In return, Astaroth would grant their wishes and goals. They would meet regularly to cast spells that alter reality in favor of the witches. Astaroth refrained from performing rituals for her benefit, because she already had what she wanted—the souls of the women. Astaroth also policed her witches, killing anyone who drew too much attention to themselves.

They cast spells with the help of the Book of Shadows and other materials. One member had her own grimoire she consulted in casting hexes.[1]


The Book Club had four members when it was founded. However, they all eventually died when one used too much magic. Astaroth killed the witch herself, but the hex of the witch already drew the attention of Sam and Dean, and later, Ruby. In the confrontation that ensued, all members, including Astaroth, were killed by the hunters and their allied demon.[2] Renee, Amanda, and Elizabeth now reside in Hell.



  • Book of Shadows - A tome containing dark arts. It was used by the coven to grant their wishes and selling their souls unknowingly.



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