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Bobby has a deathwish and you know it!
Dean to Sam
in The Trap

Bobby Singer was a hunter in a future envisioned by God if the Winchesters succeeded in locking him away.


As monsters began running rampant, Bobby was one of the few friends of the Winchesters still hunting alongside Jody Mills. Dean believed that this was because Bobby had a death wish.

After the Winchesters get turned into vampires, Bobby joins Jody and two other hunters in going after their former friends on December 9, 2022 though Bobby shows some hesitation given who they are going after. As the Winchesters killed the other two hunters, Jody races into the room and shoots Sam in the chest with a dead man's blood bullet, taking him down. Enraged, Dean quickly attacks Jody, flips her onto the bed and drains Jody's blood, killing her. Entering the room, Bobby decapitates Sam as he collapses from the dead man's blood and Dean turns on him.

It is unknown if Dean and Bobby survived their fight with each other, but this timeline and version of Bobby was erased from existence after Sam chose not to trap God based on what he saw.



  • As this is the Bobby of an alternate future timeline, his history up until The Trap is the same as that of Bobby Singer.