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*[[Season 15]]
*[[Season 15]]
**''[[The Trap]]'' {{c|mentioned only}}
**''[[Atomic Monsters]]'' {{c|mentioned only}}
{{DISPLAYTITLE:Bobby Singer}}
{{DISPLAYTITLE:Bobby Singer}}

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Sam: You know, I knew you'd come looking for me, after Sioux Falls. I suppose you had to.
Dean: What you did to them. What you did to Bobby and Jody...
Sam: They tried to stop me. But I will not be stopped.
Sam and Dean discuss Jody and Bobby.
in Atomic Monsters

Bobby Singer was a hunter in a world where Sam Winchester became the leader of a demon army.



After Sam became the leader of a demon army after going evil from drinking demon blood, Jody Mills and Bobby attempted to stop him to no avail. In retaliation, Sam killed them. Jody and Bobby's deaths drove Dean to hunt down an unrepentant Sam who killed Dean as well.

Season 15

In Atomic Monsters, Sam experiences a nightmare of the confrontation between his and Dean's alternate selves where they mention the fates of Jody and Bobby.


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