Bobby Singer's colony is a human colony led by Bobby Singer in the Apocalypse World.


As the angels led a war of extermination on the human race during the Apocalypse, the colony was formed by Bobby Singer to protect a portion of the remaining population. Many of the people in the colony were injured while the colony had warding, lookouts in the trees, escape tunnels and "a few other tricks" protecting it.

In 2017, when a rift opened up from the Main Universe "all sorts of alarms" went off at the colony, leading to Bobby investigating the rift.

Later that year, two days after another colony in San Antonio was destroyed in an angel attack, Bobby found Mary Winchester and the Nephilim Jack who had just escaped from Michael's fortress and took them to the colony. Jack became attached to the people of the colony who he felt were brave and used his powers to amuse the young children. However, his use of power resulted in his true nature being exposed to Bobby who chose to exile Jack out of a belief that he would turn against the humans eventually.

The morning after Jack and Mary's arrival, the colony came under attack by Zachariah and several other angels. The hunters defending the colony successfully killed most of the angels while suffering casualties of their own. The colony was saved when Jack killed Zachariah and the last three attacking angels.

The majority of the colony were later evacuated to the Prime Universe after being convinced by Sam and Dean. Though they swore to return to their world to liberate it from Michael, many enjoyed the Prime Universe and decided to stay. While the fight against the Angels ended, many returned to the field as active Hunters. After Michael had invaded the Prime Universe and possessed Dean, members of the colony took residence at the Men of Letters bunker, turning it into a major hub for a new Hunter network under the leadership of Mary and Sam Winchester.



  • Bobby mentions "another colony" when discussing the destruction in San Antonio, meaning that he considered this a colony and not a camp.
  • The colony has escape tunnels under a grain shed.
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