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That kid of yours before he went... wherever, made some changes here. Busted my ass out. And then he -- Well, he set some things right. Tore down all the walls up here. Heaven ain't just reliving your golden oldies anymore. It's what it always should've been. Everyone happy. Everyone together. Rufus lives about five miles that way -- with Aretha. Thought she'd have better taste. And your mom and dad... they got a place over yonder. It ain't just Heaven, Dean. It's the Heaven you deserve. And we've been waiting for you.
— Bobby to Dean Winchester
in Carry On

Robert Steven "Bobby" Singer (1950-2012) was a veteran hunter, an old friend of John,[1] and over time evolved into a father-figure for John's sons Sam and Dean. He is also one of the longest lasting recurring characters, apart from Sam and Dean.

An alternate version of Bobby exists on an apocalyptic Earth, where he led the rebellion against angels and demons threat. Currently, he lives on the original Earth.



Bobby as a child with his mother and father.

Bobby was born in 1950. Bobby grew up in an abusive environment. His father, Ed was an alcoholic who constantly yelled at him and his mother. One day when his father was hitting his mother, Bobby pulled out a rifle and shot Ed. His father's last words stuck with him, "You break everything you touch."[2] Years later he got married to Karen. Three days before Karen was possessed and was killed, the two had a fight about children and did not talk after.

Bobby and his wife Karen.

Bobby became a hunter after he had to kill his wife Karen Singer when she was possessed by a demon. Rufus Turner is the hunter who exorcised the demon and helped cover up Karen's death. It was Rufus who introduced Bobby to the world of the supernatural, and they hunted together for many years until a hunt went wrong in Omaha around 1993. Sometime in December 1991,[3] Sam mentions "uncle Bobby," meaning that Bobby met John Winchester and started helping him take care of Sam and Dean some time before Christmas of 1991. He took the boys on hunting trips and even played catch with Dean in the park, as well as giving Sam the amulet that he (Sam) gave to Dean for Christmas.

While seeking Bobby's refuge from Meg and Azazel, Dean mentioned that the last time he and Sam saw Bobby (it is unknown when), he (Bobby) threatened to shoot, or "blast" Sam's and Dean's dad, John, full of rock-salt. Dean added, "You cocked the shotgun and everything" after John dropped Sam and Dean off at Bobby's house for a month without any contact, leaving Bobby to think that John had died. Following an argument with Bobby, Dean ran off to find his father, only to return with an angered John who took his sons and were chased off the property by Bobby who shot at the Impala as they drove off.[4] Although John "just has that effect on people", Bobby was willing to help the boys get their dad back when they came to him for help, as he said, "None of that matters now. All that matters is that you get him back."

Season 1[]

Supernatural122 078.jpg

In Devil's Trap, with John held captive by the demons, the boys turn to Bobby for help. He gives Sam the Key of Solomon. When Meg turns up at his house, they restrain her using a devil's trap (symbol) painted on the ceiling. It is Bobby who alerts the boys to the fact that Meg is not a demon herself, but a woman possessed by one. After the demon is exorcised, and Meg dies, Bobby agrees to dispose of her body and call the authorities.

Season 2[]

SN201 120.jpg

In In My Time of Dying, with Dean in a coma and John injured, Sam goes to visit Bobby who has towed the Impala from the crash site. Sam has to retrieve the Colt, and John has given Sam a list of herbs to get from Bobby. Sam is distressed at the wrecked state of the Impala, and Bobby suggests scrapping the car, until he sees that to Sam it embodies the state Dean is in, and to give up on the Impala would be to give up on Dean. He also informs Sam that the items John has requested are not for repelling a demon, but for summoning one.

In Everybody Loves a Clown, Sam and Dean are staying with him as they recover from their wounds, and the death of their father. Dean uses Bobby's tools to repair the Impala. They have been there a week at the beginning of the episode. Bobby lends them a van (which makes Dean feel like a "soccer mom") when they drive to meet Ellen at the Roadhouse.

SN214 619.jpg

In Born Under a Bad Sign, when Sam is possessed by the demon Meg, he turns up at Bobby's place, intending to kill him. However Bobby is alerted to the demon's presence when it reacts to holy water he has spiked Sam's beer with. Again, the demon is restrained under the devil's trap (symbol), but this time the exorcism Dean attempts fails because the demon has bound itself to Sam's body with a brand. The demon is expelled when Bobby burns across the brand with a hot poker.

Bobby is aware Sam killed another hunter, Wandell, while possessed, and advises the boys to leave before other hunters find them. He gives them each a charm to ward off possession.

SN215 750.jpg

In Tall Tales, unable to make heads or tails of their Springfield hunt and divided by recent conflicts, Sam and Dean turn to Bobby for help. Bobby joins them on the hunt. Listening to their account of the case, he figures out that a Trickster is the culprit, and responsible for fanning hostility between the brothers.

SN221 836.jpg

In All Hell Breaks Loose - Part 1, When Sam disappears, Dean turns to Bobby for help. Together they search for Sam, and find the burnt out ruins of the Roadhouse. After Dean receives the vision of Sam's location, it is Bobby who deciphers that the town is Cold Oak. When they arrive there, Bobby pursues Jake Talley after he stabs Sam, but loses him in the woods.

SN222 353.jpg

In All Hell Breaks Loose - Part 2, Bobby tries to look after Dean in the wake of Sam's death, but Dean pushes him away in anger. Bobby responds with understanding, and leaves. When Dean and Sam turn up at Bobby's, he immediately knows Dean has made some deal to resurrect Sam. Out in the middle of his junkyard he confronts Dean, and is upset when he learns Dean only has a year to live. His affection for Dean is clear, when he despairs that Dean doesn't value his own life.

SN222 965.jpg

When Ellen appears, having escaped the demon attack on the Roadhouse, Bobby makes her drink a shot of holy water to ensure she is not possessed. Bobby is part of the effort to stop the opening of the Devil's Gate in Wyoming, and it is he and Ellen who actually close it.

Season 3[]

Bobby prevents Tamara from killing one of the seven sins.

Bobby tracks down a possible omen in Nebraska, and the boys join him to investigate. They meet Tamara and Isaac, a married hunter couple Bobby knows. While Bobby urges caution, they are attacked by demons and Isaac is killed. Bobby works out that the demons are the Seven Deadly Sins, and with Sam, Dean and Tamara and the intervention of a mysterious girl, the demons are trapped and Bobby exorcises them.

In The Kids Are Alright, Sam is on the phone with Bobby as they try to translate an ancient document.

SN303 421.jpg

In Bad Day at Black Rock, after finding John's lock-up has been broken into, the boys contact Bobby, who confirms that he built the Curse Boxes, one of which has been stolen. Later, he explains the curse of the Rabbit's Foot and starts researching how to destroy it. During this conversation, he appears to be working on the Colt. After Bela steals the Rabbit's Foot, Bobby identifies her to Dean, and tracks down her address for him. Finally, Bobby provides Sam and Dean with a ritual which destroys the Rabbit's Foot and breaks its curse.

Bobby tests the Colt

In Sin City, Bobby is working on the Colt, with Dean's help. After the boys leave for Ohio, he is test firing the Colt, when Ruby appears, and offers to help turn it back into a demon-killing weapon. Summoned by Sam he arrives to help, only to be struck down by Father Gil. At the end of the episode he reassures Dean that Sam is okay, that nothing has changed since he came back from the dead.

In A Very Supernatural Christmas Sam consults with Bobby over the phone, he tells they are not dealing with an "anti-Santa" but with a pagan deity. He later advises them that evergreen stakes will kill the deity. We learn that Bobby's association with the Winchesters goes back to at least 1991. Sam refers to him as Uncle Bobby, and it is Bobby who gives Sam the amulet as a present for John Winchester, but which Sam gives to Dean.

SN310 020.jpg

In Dream A Little Dream Of Me, Bobby is investigating the death of a doctor who researched sleep disorders when he mysteriously lapses into a coma. On investigation, Sam and Dean find the culprit is Jeremy Frost, a patient of the doctor who was unable to dream until the doctor gave him African Dream Root.

SN310 422.jpg

Sam and Dean take some of the herb themselves in order to enter Bobby's dream and rescue him. In the dream they find Bobby having a nightmare about his wife. Before Bobby knew about the world of the supernatural, his wife was possessed, and he had to kill her. Dean manages to convinces Bobby he is only dreaming and he awakes. Bobby works with the boys and Bela Talbot to track down Jeremy Frost.

SN311 651.jpg

In Mystery Spot, after Dean dies, seemingly for real, on the Tuesday, Sam becomes obsessed with finding the Trickster, while ruthlessly hunting other evil across the country. Bobby calls him, worried about him. Finally Sam responds to a call from Bobby that he has found a way to summon the Trickster. Bobby says they need blood for the ritual - fresh blood. While Sam apparently seems willing to go and kill someone, Bobby offers himself as a sacrifice. Sam stabs him with a wooden stake, since this is not Bobby but an illusion of the Trickster.

SN315 220.jpg

In Time Is On My Side, Bobby calls Dean with a lead on Bela, whom he has told his contacts to keep an eye out for. An old hunter acquaintance, Rufus Turner, has called with news that she has been in contact with him.

SN316 423.jpg

In No Rest for the Wicked, Bobby finds a way to locate Lilith. After giving her location to the boys, they obtain Ruby's Knife and prepare to leave to go after her. Bobby has disabled the Impala, and argues that he must go with him, because "there's more to family than blood", and that they need him. After Dean kills a demon possessing a police officer, Bobby explains that because Dean is close to going to hell, he can see their true faces. When they arrive at the house where Lilith is, Bobby blesses the water in the sprinkler system, so that when the sprinklers activate they keep the demons in the neighborhood at bay. Bobby is not present during the finale encounter between the boys and Lilith.

Season 4[]

Bobby reunites with Dean.

In Lazarus Rising after being resurrected from Hell, Dean first approaches Bobby, making him the first person to see Dean Winchester alive. At first, he doesn't believe that it's really him, resulting in a fight between them. They continue until Dean sliced his arm with a silver knife. Even still, Bobby splashed holy water to make sure he wasn't a demon before he believed it was Dean and they embrace. Dean told Bobby of his resurrection before he and Bobby later find Sam who had been off the grid out of grief for the 4 months Dean was dead. In order to find out what pulled Dean out of Hell, Bobby introduces the boys to psychic Pamela Barnes who through a séance conjures a being called Castiel, the one that rescued Dean. Bobby tended to Pamela after her eyes were burned out at trying to see Castiel's true form. He and Dean later wait for the entity in a barn and meet the angel Castiel. Bobby shoots at him but it has no effect and Bobby is knocked out shortly afterwards by Castiel with a simple touch. Bobby's unconscious form is tended to by Dean.

Bobby researches angels

In Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester, Bobby looks up lore about Angels to help Dean see they exist. He gives Dean and Sam books for them to research. later tormented by the spirits of victims he couldn't save, most notably two little girls.

Bobby has to stab Dean to create a siren-killing weapon.

He finally puts them to rest using a banishing spell.

In the episode Yellow Fever, Bobby helps Sam kill a buruburu, to save Dean's life. He returns to save the brothers from a seductive siren in Sex and Violence. Bobby is seen briefly in The Rapture, towards the end of the episode. He calls Sam and asks that both Dean and Sam get to his place immediately. Once there, Dean and Bobby trick Sam and lock him up for his own safety inside the panic room. Now with Sam locked up, detoxing from the demon blood, Bobby gets a call from Rufus Turner about seals breaking. He suggests they let Sam out and use him as a weapon in the on-coming demon war. Dean refuses this. Though Dean does agree to work with the angels, and Bobby calls Dean the angel's bitch.

Dean and Bobby soon notice how it's gone quiet downstairs, and rush to the panic room. There Sam is being flung around by the demon blood's effects, and the two hold him down. Bobby tells Dean they are going to need to tie Sam down, and asks Dean "Are you with me?" After tying Sam to the bed, Bobby asks Dean if they are doing the right thing. Dean answers yes, because the demon blood is killing him. Bobby disagrees and says that they are the ones killing Sam. Dean refuses to give him more blood, and Bobby says Sam will die. Dean replies, "at least he'll die human."

SPN 0604.jpg

When Sam escapes, Bobby catches him, attempts to make Sam turn around. But Sam refuses and knocks Bobby out. Now with Sam gone, Bobby and Dean investigate how Sam got out. Dean leaves to track Sam down and Bobby to watch the police database. While Dean is in pursuit of Sam, Bobby tells Dean to bring him back, not to scare Sam away.

After the fight with Sam, Dean heads back to Bobby's. Bobby tries to convince Dean to call Sam, but Dean refuses. Bobby explodes and tells Dean that family is not only meant to make you happy, but unhappy as well. The conversation stops when Dean is suddenly teleported by the angels to The Green Room.

Season 5[]

Bobby upon being told he'd never walk again.

After Lucifer is freed, Bobby meets up with Sam and Dean to help them research the "Michael Sword" that will be used to kill Lucifer. Sam reveals to Bobby that it was he, not Lilith, that was responsible for Lucifer being freed. Bobby becomes angry and tells Sam that, if they survive the Apocalypse, he wants nothing to do with him. Sam leaves, while Bobby and Dean continue research. Bobby is revealed to be possessed by a demon after Dean finds a lead and Bobby almost kills him, before stabbing himself with Ruby's Knife, therefore killing the demon possessing him. Sam and Dean rush Bobby to the hospital where his wound is repaired. The doctor informs him that he is unlikely to walk again. Bobby tells Sam that it was the demon, not Bobby himself, that said those things to him, and that he's not cutting him out of his life.

Bobby then gets an urgent call from fellow hunter Rufus Turner to immediately get to River Pass, Colorado, as Rufus is under attack by what he says are demons. Bobby, since he can't walk, sends Dean and Sam to help out. In The Curious Case of Dean Winchester Bobby finds out that a witch is holding poker games with the stakes being years instead of money. He sees this as a chance to escape his wheelchair and rushes to play, only to lose 25 years. Dean immediately threatens the witch before betting 25 of his own years in the game to restore Bobby, only to lose 25 more. As the hunters work to undo Dean's fate, Bobby admits his personal feelings of uselessness at a time of such urgency, even considering suicide. After experiencing life as an old man, Dean appreciates Bobby's view, but urges him that he is not useless and begs him to not try and kill himself.

Dean, Ellen, Jo, Bobby, Sam, and Castiel.

In Abandon All Hope... the Winchesters get a lead on Lucifer's whereabouts. With Castiel, they team up with Ellen and Jo Harvelle. Before they leave though, they all gather at Bobby's house to reminiscence and drink beer. Bobby then gets a picture of them all, for they know that not everyone will live. The Winchesters, the Harvelles, and Castiel go to Carthage, Missouri, where Lucifer is supposed to be. There, Castiel sees many reapers all over, even though no one else can. He goes to investigate. The Winchesters and Harvelles are then attacked by hellhounds, one of them mortally wounding Jo. They lock themselves inside a hardware store, trying to help Jo. Dean then reaches Bobby by radio, telling them of their situation. Bobby concludes that the reapers are there because there will be many deaths due to a ritual, which turns out to be true.

Bobby by his wife's bedside

In Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid Bobby's dead wife comes back to life. Sam and Dean try to convince him that he must kill her since she is a zombie, but he tells them to leave or they will have trouble. As Bobby's wife starts to turn he realizes he must kill her. After he killed her again, every zombie in town starts coming after him. He and Dean fight them off and in the end are saved by Sam and the town sheriff, Jody, who refers to Bobby as the town drunk. Bobby tells the boys that Death sent the dead after him because he supports the Winchesters and is one of the reasons why Sam hasn't said yes to Lucifer yet. While Dean says he at least got 5 days with his wife, Bobby tells them that only made it a 1000 times worse.

In Point of No Return, Bobby helps Sam and Castiel keep Dean under lockdown so he can't say Yes to Michael. He and Sam look for another way, while Dean makes comments. Bobby tries to talk Dean into helping and calls him son. Dean retorts by telling Bobby that he isn't his father, visibly hurting Bobby. Bobby soon stands his ground by revealing he has a gun and a single bullet which he reveals he contemplates on using to kill himself but doesn't as he promised Dean that he'd help. Then Sam and Dean's resurrected half-brother Adam comes into the picture and wants to consent to being Michael's vessel.

When Dean escapes, Sam tells Bobby to watch over Adam but the latter slips away after giving his location to Zachariah.

Crowley's deal with Bobby.

At the end of The Devil You Know, Crowley shows up in Bobby's kitchen. He offers to tell Bobby Death's location in exchange for Bobby's soul, which Crowley promises he'll give right back. Though it happens off-screen, Bobby accepts (Crowley catches the deal-sealing-kiss on his iPhone). Bobby (with Crowley's encouragement) informs the boys of the deal in Two Minutes to Midnight.

Bobby overjoyed at being able to walk once more.

Also in Two Minutes to Midnight, it is revealed that Crowley restored Bobby's ability to walk, citing a personal addition he made to Bobby's deal on Bobby's behalf when Bobby "really wasted that crossroads deal." Now back in action, Bobby helps destroy the warehouse where the Croatoan Virus is being stored. According to Bobby, he celebrated his restored legs by walking up and down stairs all night to make sure it wasn't a dream. He is later told about Dean's meeting with Death and confronts Dean over what he fears more: losing, or losing his brother.


In Swan Song, Bobby travels to Detroit after figuring out that Lucifer is there from demonic omens and says goodbye to Sam, telling him not to give up fighting. After Sam loses the fight, Bobby gives up hope, saying there was little hope he'd succeed, but comes to Stull Cemetery with Castiel and Dean anyway. There, he is splattered in Castiel's blood when Lucifer kills him and he shoots Lucifer twice when he attacks Dean. Lucifer is unaffected and telekinetically snaps Bobby's neck, killing him. After Lucifer is cast back into Hell with Michael by Sam, God resurrects Castiel and the latter uses his newly restored upgraded powers to resurrect Bobby. Bobby and Dean say goodbye at Bobby's salvage yard and according to Chuck, don't see each other again for a long time. Bobby is hunting a Rugaru outside of Dayton a week later.

Season 6[]

Bobby summons Crowley, demanding for his soul.

Dean comes to Bobby for shelter for Lisa and Ben when he reunites with Sam and finds out there are a few Djinn after the brothers. During this short visit, he finds out that Bobby knew that Sam was alive the whole year he was back and out of Dean's life. Dean asks why he didn't tell him, to which Bobby replies that Dean was "as close to happiness as he's ever seen a hunter get". He also admits he didn't want to lie to him, but Dean was out of hunting. A year ago, Bobby summoned Crowley to have him return his soul as part of the deal to end the Apocalypse. However, Crowley reneged on the deal and now holds it for a ten-year period. Since then, Bobby has been collecting research on Crowley, to counter-bargain for his soul. He captures and tortures a Crossroad Demon to find his real name before he became a demon. Bobby learns from the Crossroads demon that Crowley's real name is Fergus Macleod and he is now the King of Hell.

Bobby versus the Okami.

Throughout the weekend, Bobby provides support for the Winchester brothers and the rest of the hunters, helps fellow hunter Rufus bury a Japanese Okami demon and contends with an FBI agent trying to hunt down Rufus. Bobby then goes and hunts for the Okami when he realizes it survived and escaped. Although he manages to finish off the Okami, it ruins his chances of striking up a relationship with Marcy, his next-door neighbor, which Bobby calls the story of his life. Dean tells Bobby about Sam's changes and his problems, but Bobby is distracted by other calls. When Dean scolds Bobby for being selfish and cold for not listening, Bobby snaps and gives a telling-off to both brothers and says that he also has his own problems and he can't always be there for them.

Bobby counter-bargains Crowley's bones for his soul.

After finding out more about Macleod (Crowley) from Rufus, he then calls up Crowley's long deceased son Gavin for information, and summons Crowley to threaten him to return his soul. Crowley refuses until Gavin himself tells his father that he told Bobby everything he could know about him. Crowley is shaken but remains unmoved until Dean and Sam call him to reveal that they are at his grave in Scotland and have dug up his body to prepare for burning. Crowley reluctantly returns Bobby's soul and destroys the contract, while Bobby has him leave in the use of his legs. Crowley goes to Scotland to pick up his remains, presumably to hide it elsewhere. Later, Bobby thanks the brothers for helping him with this, and once again returns to his usual work.

"Maybe it's just Sam." - Bobby, to Dean

Sometime later, Bobby is called on by Dean for further problems regarding Sam's erratic behavior. He tells Bobby about Sam letting him get turned into a vampire, and stresses how he wants to do something about it fast. Bobby collects research, but doesn't find anything fitting Sam's diagnosis. He soon tells Dean that he should probably face the worst-case scenario: "Maybe it's just Sam." Dean calls Bobby another time later to test a theory of whether he's under a truth curse. It's proven that he is, because Bobby reveals some details that Dean had never known or maybe even wanted to know, including that Dean is his favorite (despite remarking how Sam's been the better hunter lately).

Later on, Dean finds a way to get Sam's soul back and tells Sam and Bobby about his wager with Death. Dean heads off to hold his end of the bargain and leaves Sam under Bobby's care. Under his watch Sam manages to slip away and summon Balthazar. Balthazar tells Sam that they need to scar his vessel, so that his soul will no longer be able to enter it. He needs to kill a parent but that parent needn't be a blood parent. Closest thing to a father Sam has is Bobby, so with this knowledge, Sam goes after Bobby. Bobby notices something is up with Sam, and before Sam can get the jump on Bobby, Bobby knocks Sam out. When Bobby goes for rope Sam is gone. Bobby quickly heads to the closet where he has a trap waiting for Sam. Sam falls for the trap and is locked in the basement. When things get quiet Bobby goes to check on Sam, only to be knocked out by Sam. Once awake, Bobby tries to talk Sam out of what he is about to do. Just as Sam is about to sacrifice Bobby, Dean comes and saves Bobby by knocking out his brother and tying him up.

Bobby and Dean then witness Death returning Sam's soul, only being able to watch in shock as Sam screams at them for help as Death painfully places it back in his body. While waiting for Sam to wake up, Bobby gives Dean a drink and a case to look at it. Then Sam appears and gives both a hug. Sam reveals to them that he has no memory of the last year and a half. While Dean is ecstatic that his brother is back, Bobby is suspicious. This mostly comes from the fact that no longer than a week ago, Sam tried to kill him. So when Sam joins in on the hunt in Like A Virgin, Bobby makes an excuse not to go. Though he does help in the hunt by finding out what the boys are hunting and what can kill it. Bobby sends Dean to an acquaintance, who has the weapon they needed. Sam also calls Bobby for help and asks him if Bobby is okay. Bobby tells Sam he's fine and does a quick goodbye.

In ...And Then There Were None, Bobby heads out to investigate a weird death, that has a connection with the Mother of All. On the scene he runs into Rufus, whom he teams up with on the case. Once they know where this new creature is, Bobby, Sam, Dean and Rufus head out. There they run into Samuel and Gwen Campbell. Bobby confronts Samuel on giving Sam and Dean to Crowley. Then tragedy hits when Eve's new creature takes over Bobby's body and kills Rufus. Sam and Dean manage to shock the creature out of Bobby.

Ellen and Bobby are married in an alternate timeline.

Bobby mourns Rufus's death by drinking it off which worries Sam and Dean, until Ellen shows up. In My Heart Will Go On, Bobby is married to Ellen, due to the butterfly effect of Balthazar altering history by saving the Titanic. Bobby, along with everyone else, remain unaware of the alternate timeline until Sam and Dean investigate murders committed by Atropos. But it doesn't last once Balthazar and Castiel sets history right, erasing the alternate timeline. Sam and Dean, who retain their memories thanks to Castiel, go to Bobby and resolve to help him.

In Frontierland, Bobby and the Winchesters find Samuel Campbell's hidden library and after hours of research, they find a tome revealing that the ashes of a phoenix can kill Eve. Dean finds Samuel Colt's journal, detailing that he killed a phoenix in Sunrise, Wyoming, 1861. This gave Dean the idea to have Castiel send him and Sam back in time, kill the phoenix and bring its ashes back to the present. When Dean summons Castiel, the angel explained that they have to get the ashes within twenty-four hours or he'll be unable to bring them back. After Dean purchased some cowboy costumes so the boys could blend in, Bobby packs them some gold to use. While waiting for the boys return, Castiel pops into his house injured after being betrayed by his lieutenant, Rachel, and passes out. When Cass wakes up, Bobby reminds Castiel that he needs to bring Sam and Dean back. Unfortunately, Castiel's injuries weaken him and he no longer has the power to bring Sam and Dean back to the present. So after asking permission, Castiel touches Bobby's soul and regains power. This process though, is very painful for Bobby.

In Mommy Dearest, now having acquired ashes of the phoenix, Bobby joins Sam, Dean and Castiel, on the hunt for Eve in Oregon. Once there, Bobby searches for any signs that Eve is in town, and they find one guy. So they split off and Bobby goes with Sam. When the police come, Bobby manages to con their way out. When the gang re-groups, they find a bar fill of new creatures. Bobby gives Dean naming rights, who calls them Jefferson Starships. The gang eventually figures out Eve's location and head there. Sam and Dean head in first, but Bobby and Castiel get caught. After Dean defeats Eve, Castiel leaves, and Bobby voices his suspicions about Castiel.

Sam, Bobby and Dean trap Castiel.

So they begin to search for Crowley in secret. So while Dean handles Castiel, Sam and Bobby interrogate a demon disguised as a hunter for Crowley's location. The demon gives them a name, Ellsworth, and his location. Bobby also discuss the possibility of Castiel knowing where Crowley is with the boys. Once there they get jumped by some of Crowley's goons but are saved by Castiel. Castiel gives himself away though when he re-uses one of Bobby's lines. Bobby helps the Winchesters trap Castiel in holy fire. While Castiel is trapped, he reveals to all that he was really the one who freed Sam from Lucifer's Cage.

Dean tells Sam and Bobby about Castiel's visit and Bobby reveals that Castiel stole a diary from them. Luckily Bobby had made copies. When Dean and Sam look for Ben and Lisa, Bobby begins to research H.P. Lovecraft's party and what really happened when they opened the door to Purgatory. Bobby eventually figures out who came through the door and found Dr. Visyak. She asks as to how he found her, Bobby tells her he knows all her safe houses. Bobby also tells that her he knows what she is. He later asks her to come with him so he can protect her, but she refuses.

A week later, she goes missing and Bobby (plus the boys) go looking for her. They find her in an alley, bleeding to death. Bobby goes to her and asks what happened. Dr. Visyak tells Bobby she should have listened to him and tells him that they now know everything (Crowley and Castiel). She had managed to escape, but barely. In her last moments, she tells Bobby how to open the door to Purgatory. Bobby closes her eyes, and then Castiel appears. Castiel tells them he tired of trying to prove himself, and to back down. He then breaks the wall in Sam's head to distract them.

Balthazar giving Castiel's location

So while Dean is distracted by Sam's state, he and Bobby put Sam in the panic room for protection. Then Balthazar appears and gives them Castiel's location. Now with the location, Bobby wants to get going, but Dean wants to stay with his brother. Bobby tells Dean that this is what Castiel wants. Dean agrees and goes with Bobby, not before leaving their location with Sam.

Once there, Bobby and Dean scope out the place, only to find angels crawling all over. Then Dean notices a giant cloud of black smoke coming straight at them, and they head into the Impala. The smoke smacks right into the car and sends it flying, knocking Bobby and Dean out. When they come to consciousness, they get out of the car and head into the base. There they see Crowley and Raphael doing the ritual. Bobby and Dean attempt to sneak up on them. Dean throws an archangel blade at Raphael, but Raphael catches it and Crowley throws the two down the stairs.

SPN 1107.jpg

Then Castiel shows up and shows his new power. Crowley runs away, leaving Raphael behind. Bobby and Dean watch Castiel blow up Raphael with a snap of his fingers. Both Bobby and Dean are shocked at this. They are even more shocked when Castiel tells them he is no longer an angel, but the new God.

Season 7[]

Bobby 701.jpg

Bobby begins to kneel in order to appease Castiel, but Castiel knows that he's doing it out of fear and tells him to stand up; he then warns Bobby and the Winchesters to stay out of his way. Back at his place, Bobby finds Dean repairing the wrecked Impala. Bobby is confused why Dean is fixing the car instead of looking for a way to stop Castiel, and Dean replies it's the only thing he can do. Bobby later finds Sam in the basement corner looking as if he's protecting himself. Bobby approaches Dean about this, but Dean tells Bobby he can't take anymore hits, will believe that Sam's ok. Then the idea to summon Death comes up and they get things ready, Bobby casts the spell. But things don't turn out as planned as Castiel knew that they were summoning Death and severed the link between them and Death, setting Death free. But before leaving, Death said that he will bring the eclipse back so that they can say the spell again and make sure Castiel puts the souls back where they belong. Bobby also says the chant to open Purgatory again when they help Castiel. But it's too late since the Leviathans had already taken over Castiel's mind and body.

In Hello, Cruel World, Bobby is worried about Dean due to Sam's situation. Then the Leviathans show up and Bobby is left behind to watch Sam. While watching Sam, Bobby gets a call from Jody, who tells him her doctor is a monster. Bobby leaves, and heads to the hospital. He helps Jody leave the hospital and goes to check on the body, where he runs into Dr. Gaines. Bobby shoots him, but nothing works, so Bobby flees.

In The Girl Next Door, Bobby helps Sam and Dean escape from the hospital the Leviathans are at. 3 weeks later, he's hiding in one of Rufus's old hideout along with Sam and Dean. Dean later talks to Bobby about Sam's condition, but Bobby isn't too worried. In Defending Your Life, Bobby helps Sam figure out what's killing people and figures out it's the god Osiris, and tells Sam to get Dean out of there.

Bobby working.jpg

In Slash Fiction, Bobby is attempting to get information out of Chet, but nothing seems to work. Then he finds out that Sam and Dean are on the Most Wanted list, he sends them to Frank Deveraux for help. As the boys are visiting Frank, Bobby continues to work on getting information, but ends up cutting off Chet's head.

As he's working he hears knocking and finds Jody at his door. She brings him beer and offers to cook. Bobby at first refuses, but agrees and lets her in. Bobby heads down stairs to check on Chet to find the head reattached, but Bobby cuts it off again. He calls the boys to let them know. Chet whole again, turns into Bobby and begins mocking him about Bobby's life. As Bobby is about to cut his head off, the Leviathan screams in pain as the liquid from Jody cleaning with Borax is leaking onto the Leviathan's skin, through the floorboards burning him. Bobby heads upstairs and asks what she's using. Surprised that this simple cleaning tool causes the unstoppable Leviathans so much pain. Happy and caught in the moment, Bobby kisses Jody for helping him. Bobby calls Dean and tells him the information. As Jody is leaving, Bobby gives her the head to throw into a river.

Bobby held captive by Dick Roman.

In How To Win Friends And Influence Monsters, Bobby returns to help Sam and Dean hunt a creature that appears to be the Jersey Devil. So they gather information and later head out to a local forest to hunt. As they walk through the forest, Bobby reminiscences the times he took the boys out hunting. Then they hear a noise, and Bobby manages to shoot the creature in the trees with his eyes closed. They take it back to cabin where he and Sam examine it. They eventually figure out that it's the burgers that are changing people and they follow it back to a factory controlled by the Leviathans. Bobby has a moment with both Sam and Dean before he goes out on his own and gets captured.


When he wakes up, he meets Richard Roman and they talk. Then Sam and Dean come to rescue him, and Bobby quickly grabs things on Dick's desk and escapes. As Bobby is getting in the van, he is shot in the head by Richard.

In Death's Door, Bobby lies in a coma and is confronted by a reaper in his comatose state. He flees from the reaper and meets up with Rufus Turner. Rufus tells Bobby that the only way out is to face his worst memories. Bobby's worst memory turns out to be a horrific event of his father beating his mother. Bobby decides to face this memory and tells his father that he raised two boys who turned out to be heroes. Bobby wakes up and with his last breath, writes down "45489" (The coordinates of a field where Dick Roman is building a research lab) on to Sam Winchester's hand from the paperwork he took from Dick's office.

Bobby, moments before dying.

He calls them "idjits" with a smile on his face and dies. Bobby lingers in his final memory of a moment between Sam Winchester and Dean Winchester as they bicker, saying he "saved the best for last". The reaper confronts him once again, giving him the choice of staying as a spirit or moving on to Heaven.

Bobby confused about how Dean can be so close and yet not notice him there.

In Party On, Garth, it was revealed that Bobby had chosen not to go with the reaper, and as a consequence, became a ghost. Although the brothers burned his body, he is tied to a flask he once owned but is now in the possession of Dean. Being a ghost, he cannot be seen by Sam and Dean even though he wants them to be able to see him.

In Of Grave Importance, Bobby tried to get Sam and Dean to see him several times but to no avail. When a mutual friend, Annie Hawkins, also a hunter, disappeared during an investigation of the old Van Ness place the trio went to investigate. Bobby encountered Annie who had fallen victim to the ghost of Van Ness and had become one herself. During their stay in the house another ghost taught Bobby how to move objects with his mind which allowed him to contact the boys via writing on a bathroom mirror to warn them.

Upon their return to the house Bobby removed his flask from Dean's pocket and teamed with Annie again to find and destroy the source of Van Ness's power. Following a failed attempt to kill Sam and Dean, Van Ness returned and nearly consumed Bobby's energy but his body was destroyed before he was able to finish. When the brothers returned, Bobby had gotten strong enough to become visible and showed them where the secret room that housed the corpses of Annie and the other victims were,

Sam and Dean watch Bobby's spirit disintegrate after burning his flask.

before helping to destroy them and free all the trapped souls. Bobby disappeared when Dean berated him for becoming a ghost instead of moving on but reappeared in the backseat of their car, willingly staying invisible to eavesdrop on Sam and Dean's conversation about what to do now that Bobby had returned as they knew it was good for the moment but the Bobby they knew wouldn't stay that way for long.

Bobby asks the boys to burn the flask and let him go, as he was becoming too vengeful. He asked the boys to treat the 'Dick thing' as a hunt and not do it out of vengeance before he leaves. Bobby also tells the boys he'll see them on the other side one day, but hopefully not too soon.

Season 8[]

Garth tries to pick up where Bobby left off.


Sam and Dean were both still reeling from their own experiences during their year apart when they met up with Garth in Southern Comfort. Dean found it intolerable that Garth had attempted to assume Bobby's role as director and confidante, even daring to wear Bobby's hat and use the exclamation "Balls!". Dean angrily confiscated the hat and told him to stop trying to be Bobby. Garth snapped back, telling him that Bobby belonged to their whole community of hunters, not just to him and Sam, and that he was only trying to use the things that Bobby taught him. Dean eventually returned the hat.

Bobby returns, having been trapped in Hell.

In Taxi Driver, as the second trial to close the Gates of Hell, Sam needs to rescue an innocent soul from Hell and release it into Heaven. Asking rogue Reaper Ajay for help, they learned that when they burned Bobby's flask, Ajay took his soul to Hell instead of Heaven on Crowley's orders. Traveling to Hell, Sam finds Bobby who attacks him as he has been tortured by demons repeatedly posing as Sam and Dean. Sam convinces Bobby of his identity and the two begin to make their escape, getting confronted by three demons, one of whom took Sam's form. Bobby kills all the demons, guessing right when he picked the fake Sam. The two escape into Purgatory, only to find Ajay absent.

Bobby's soul finally enters Heaven.

Sam explains everything to Bobby, including how they needed him to go to Heaven instead of returning to Earth for this to work, pointing out that there was nothing to tie Bobby to the Earth anymore. Bobby was shocked to learn that Dean survived a year in Purgatory and that Sam never tried to get him out, pointing out that the deal between them that they won't search for each other is crap. The two get attacked by vampires, but were rescued by Benny, who Sam stops Bobby from attacking as he is a friend of Dean's, leaving Bobby confused by the fact that Dean has a vampire friend. Benny leads the two to the exit portal and Sam absorbs Bobby's soul into his arm, first warning Bobby to just go to Heaven and not stick around for another goodbye. On Earth, Sam released Bobby's soul towards Heaven, but Crowley captured it, intent on taking him back to Hell. However, the angel Naomi intervened and drove Crowley away before freeing Bobby, allowing him to finally travel to Heaven where he truly belonged. And because a person can share their own heaven with others, such as a soul mate, it is believed that Bobby will be reunited with his wife Karen in heaven.

Season 9[]

Bobby returns as a hallucination of Sam's.

In I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here, when Sam is dying, his subconscious desire to die and move on manifests in the form of Bobby. "Bobby" makes "Dean" (Sam's desire to live) disappear and talks to Sam about how he hasn't wasted his life and saved a lot of people thus making his life worth something. "Bobby" leads Sam to a house in the woods that he tells him he will find what he needs to move on before being "killed" by "Dean" who returns to make one last failed plea to Sam, to not give up.

Season 10[]

In Fan Fiction, schoolgirl Marie made a stage show of Supernatural and had one of the students play Bobby. Dean also mentioned Bobby's death as one of the many events post Swan Song that happened to Sam and Dean, but Marie dismissed it as bad fan-fiction. During the play itself the student briefly used a wheelchair but stepped out of it when the cast sang Carry On Wayward Son.

In Ask Jeeves, Dean finds Bobby's old cellphone and discovers he has a message on it stating that he has inherited something from the estate of an heiress named Bunny LaCroix. Sam and Dean go in his place and are given a pendant that is really the key to Bunny's attic. Eventually they learn Bobby's role in things: Bunny had an affair with a shapeshifter and got pregnant. When she gave birth to Olivia, the shapeshifter father came for her and killed Bunny's husband Lance. Bobby killed the shapeshifter but agreed to leave Olivia alone if Bunny locked her up which she did on the condition Bobby take care of Olivia if something happened to Bunny. However, once Bunny died, her butler Phillip released Olivia who started killing her family. When Sam confronts her, Olivia didn't see Bobby's actions as an act of kindness due to being locked up her whole life though Bunny's great-nephew Dash thought Bobby meant a lot to Bunny. Olivia ended up being killed by Dean. However, it turned out that all Bobby was left was the pendant which was the key to the attic where Olivia had been locked up.

Bobby in Heaven.

During Inside Man, desperate to learn from Metatron how to remove the Mark of Cain from Dean, Sam and Castiel perform a séance with the help of psychic Oliver Price to contact Bobby in Heaven to break Metatron out of prison. Bobby is shown enjoying his Heaven and is shocked when Sam contacts him through his radio in Heaven. After Sam fills him in on things, Bobby is reluctant to help, feeling himself "rusty", but agrees. Bobby breaks out of his Heaven, finding himself in a corridor of other Bobby Singer's. When the alarms go off, Bobby releases the other Bobby's to create a distraction and opens the portal to Earth for Castiel from whom he immediately demands answers about Dean as Sam was evasive on the subject. Bobby helps Castiel break Metatron out then returns to his Heaven, but not before leaving a note for Sam with Castiel. In the note, Bobby tells Sam not to give up trying to save Dean but to stop lying to him about it. Bobby also states that helping Sam and Dean once again has made him happier than he has ever been in Heaven and he will accept whatever consequences he will get for his actions. In his Heaven, Bobby looks at a picture of himself with Sam and Dean as Hannah and two other angels come after him.

At the same time as the breakout, Dean and Crowley talk and Dean quotes Bobby about family ("family don't end in blood") when talking to him about his problems with his mother.

The angels confront Bobby.

I just wanted to say Cass told me what you're doing for Dean. And I'm not asking you to stop, but maybe going behind his back ain't the best idea. Your brother... he can be stubborn. But I think he'd understand. And I know it's the life... doing a little bad so you can do a lot of good. But sometimes the bad's real bad. And the good... it can come at one hell of a price. I ain't there on the ground, and whatever you do I know you'll make the right choice. You're a good man, Sam Winchester. One of the best. And I'm damn proud of you, son. I was content up here. But getting the call from you... it's the happiest I've been in forever, no matter what it costs. So stay safe, keep fighting, and kick it in the ass. Bobby.
— Bobby's letter to Sam
in Inside Man

While raiding the Men of Letters bunker, Cyrus Frankenstein finds a copy of the picture of Bobby, Sam, and Dean and smiles before being interrupted by his brother. When Eldon came in, Cyrus quickly hid the picture.[5]

Season 11[]

Spn1116 0543.jpg

During flashbacks in Safe House, Bobby gets called sometime in 2008 or 2009 from Rufus Turner to help him deal with an apparent haunting in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Exhausted from attempts to stop The Apocalypse, Bobby falls asleep waiting for Rufus to meet up with him. Investigating the case, the two find out that a young boy was attacked and was left with a weird claw mark on his leg and put into a coma. Bobby believes it to be a ghost while Rufus believes it to be a Japanese monster called a baku. The two make a bet on the matter about who is right and burn the bones of the two people who were attacked in the house. To their surprise, the young boy's mother is attacked as well after the bones are burned and Bobby and Rufus determine they are dealing with a Soul Eater.

Bobby possessed by the soul eater.

While Bobby doesn't know of a way to kill one, he realizes he'd dealt with another Soul Eater years before in Tennessee while working a case with a hunter named Harvey and was able to use a Celtic sigil to trap the monster. Bobby and Rufus work on painting the sigil, but the Soul Eater attacks Bobby and takes him to its nest where he encounters the soul of the boy the monster kidnapped and the souls of its other victims. Shortly after seeing a vision of Sam and Dean dead, Bobby is attacked by the Soul Eater who possesses his body to attack Rufus. Rufus is able to subdue the Soul Eater and finishes the sigil. In the nest, Bobby wakes up in time to see a future Dean at the bottom of the stairs before the sigil sends his soul and those of the two living victims back to their bodies. Bobby is disturbed by his visions of the dead Sam and Dean and seeing the soul of the future Dean in the nest. Leaving, he finds a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue from Rufus as he won their bet. As he leaves, Bobby gets a call for help from Dean on a lead they have in Maine to Lilith.

Bobby is shocked to see Dean in the nest with him.

In the present, a young mother remodeling the house breaks the trap sigil and the Soul Eater is released once more. Sam and Dean learn of Bobby and Rufus' presence in the house, but find that Bobby put nothing in his journal besides stating he was going to investigate a possible haunting with Rufus. The Winchesters are able to use a new sigil from the Men of Letters archives to kill the Soul Eater, but not before Dean sees Bobby in the nest. They later decide to return to Bobby's old case in Tennessee and finish off the Soul Eater he trapped there.

Season 12[]

In The Raid, after discovering the British Men of Letters have the Colt and don't know how to make bullets for it, Sam tells them that he knows the ritual from a friend. Mary realizes that Sam is talking about Bobby which he confirms.

In The Memory Remains, while searching through the Men of Letters bunker, Arthur Ketch finds a picture of Bobby with the Winchesters in Dean's drawer.

Season 15[]

In Raising Hell, Belphegor reveals that once a soul has been cast to Hell, it cannot enter Heaven. The Winchesters point out that John Winchester and Bobby got in after escaping Hell, but Belphegor speculates that God made exceptions those times because he liked the Winchesters at the time.

In Drag Me Away (From You), in a flashback, Dean calls Bobby in an attempt to reach their father, but reports that Bobby told him that John is at least two days out of range.

In Inherit the Earth, Bobby appears in the flashback sequence at the end.

In Carry On, after dying during a vampire hunt, Dean arrives in Heaven where he's greeted by Bobby outside of Harvelle's Roadhouse. Dean is surprised and asks what memory he's in, but Bobby reveals that it's real. Dean doesn't believe it since the last he heard, Bobby was in Heaven's dungeon for helping to break out Metatron. Bobby explains that Jack had made some changes in Heaven, busted Bobby out of jail and "set some things right" by tearing down all of the walls in Heaven. Heaven is now what it always should've been with everyone happy and together. Bobby tells Dean about Rufus, John and Mary and states that its not just Heaven, but the Heaven that Dean deserves and everyone has been waiting for him. Dean is surprised that Jack did all of that and Bobby tells him that Castiel helped.

As Dean and Bobby drink beers together, Dean notes that the beer tastes like the first one Dean had with his father, which, while awful, was still fantastic. After Dean calls it almost perfect, Bobby reassures him that Sam will be along and that time in Heaven is different and Dean has everything he could ever want, need, or dream. Bobby wonders what Dean is going to do now and spotting the Impala parked nearby, Dean decides to go for a drive. Bobby tells Dean to have fun and watches with a smile as he drives off.


Hi, glad to meet you. Bobby Singer. Paranoid bastard.
Bobby Singer
in Let It Bleed

Bobby is a hunter like the Winchesters, though he seems to stay fairly stationary. He wears a lot of flannel and is almost always seen in a trucker's hat. He runs an auto salvage yard as his day job, and is a go-to guy for supernatural research.

He seems to have amassed quite a bit of knowledge over the years (being the first to deduce on his own that Meg was in fact possessed), plus his house is full of bookcases and stacks of books about the supernatural world and the things hunters go after. He and John Winchester were old friends, though they had a falling out prior to the onset of the series.

After John's death, Bobby becomes like a father to Sam and Dean. He was very loyal to them and cared for them deeply like they were his own. It is also implied in You Can't Handle The Truth and Taxi Driver that Bobby enjoys reality shows and pedicures. This is a secret, however, but Sam and Dean both know.

In times of stress, Bobby often drinks and throws brutal, sarcastic remarks at people. He has often been described as a "barely functioning alcoholic." His brutal experiences during childhood have made him often belligerent and judging of others and is very prone to standing up to people and telling them like it is - or at least, how he sees it in his own cynical, maladjusted way - to get them to grow up, something he's often done with Sam and Dean and possibly other hunters, including John. He doesn't enjoy people being lazy and will often complain. Bobby is shown to be very dedicated to his work, willing to sacrifice a lot of his own time and energy to help Sam and Dean and anyone in need.

Unlike Dean or John, Bobby was willing to spare certain monsters if he could be assured they would not cause anybody harm. This was shown when he spared the shapeshifter Olivia, once her mother promised to lock her away. Also unlike Dean or John, but like Sam, Bobby wasn't the type to dive head-first into the unknown, preferring to do research or ask questions first; he would only resort to extreme measures like torture or causing disruptions in Heaven during life-and-death situations involving someone he cared about.

Physical Appearance[]

Bobby has brown graying short hair and a beard. He normally wears a blue cap. He is 6'0" tall and has the typical alcoholic body type, he is a little round and well built.

Skills and Abilities[]

As a human[]

  • Master Hunting Skills: With years of experience as a veteran hunter, Bobby was one of the best hunters in his lifetime, well-known and respected to the point where his skills were acknowledged by the likes of the Winchesters, including John, Sam and Dean, though Sam commented that Dean was still a better hunter than Bobby. Indeed, Krissy Chambers called Bobby when her father went missing.
    • Master Marksman: Bobby is an extremely capable marksman, able to shoot a moving target with his eyes closed, made more notable by the fact that he was in the woods at night when he did it. Even as a child, he already had some decent skill with firearms, as he succesfully used a riffle to kill his father with a shot to the head. He was also able to easily gun down multiple Croatoan Virus zombies during the Raid on Niveus Pharmaceuticals while holding the fort for Sam to rescue the trapped victims and even managed to hit a Leviathan in the head as well as shoot Dick Roman repeatedly with shots from a pistol, with neither of them able to react despite their superhuman reflexes and senses. His marksmanship also extended to being a skilled knife thrower, as he was able to accurately throw a bronze knife to hit the siren Nick Munroe's back, killing him.
    • Master Combatant: Having decades of combat experience as a veteran hunter, despite his old age, Bobby proved himself to be still physically fit enough and considerably proficient in close-combat when needed to. He was able to hold his own against a reluctant Dean when believing he wasn't real with a knife, breaking out of Dean's hold the first time he tried to restrain him and punching him back before eventually getting restrained, and overtake Dean in order to save Sam when they were mind-controlled by the Siren Nick and Dean was off-guard from being in the middle of swinging an axe down, swiftly stabbing Dean in the shoulder with the Demon-Killing Knife before he could react. His skills were presumably much sharper in his youth, but even in his old age, he proved fit and skilled enough to fight and overpower supernatural creatures, as he easily killed two demons with the knife in a matter of moments, single-handedly overpowered and eventually forced an Okami through a wood chipper and even knocked down a Leviathan with a crowbar.
  • High-level Intellect: Bobby has amassed an immense wealth of knowledge in his years as a hunter, frequently seen as an information broker to the supernatural hunting community, as shown in Weekend at Bobby's. Despite his appearance, he is extremely intuitive and cunning. He was able to tell that Sam was possessed by Meg almost at first glance and was able to spike her drink with holy water without her noticing. He was also able to stay one step ahead of "Soulless" Sam during his attempted patricide, even luring him to a trapdoor without him realizing it, despite Sam running on pure logic and even claiming he was smarter than he has ever been. Bobby was also the only person to see through Castiel's lies and deduce that he was working for Crowley from the way he acted when it was revealed Crowley was alive. Sam also explicitly contacted Bobby in Heaven in order to have him help Castiel break Metatron out of Heaven, expressing confidence he was smart enough to pull it off, which he did succesfully, managing to swiftly cause chaos by opening the door to the other Bobby Singers and then causing an uproar by pitting them against the Angels to distract them so he can open the door that activates the Heavenly Portal and he also showed his intuition by easily deducing from Castiel's reluctance when talking about Dean that Dean doesn't actually know about their attempt to save him. Bobby has been shown to be fluent in several languages including Japanese and several dead languages.
  • Indomitable Willpower: Bobby has proven himself to possess incredible willpower: Despite the many horrors he has seen through his years of hunting, unlike his friend Rufus Turner, Bobby remained fully active in hunting to protect innocents from the supernatural. He was able to overpower a demon that was possessing him and injure himself and kill the demon using the Demon-Killing Knife, a feat that very few was able to replicate when possessed by a supernatural creature. Despite being crippled and going through many depressive moods during the Apocalypse, Bobby did not give up, resisting the temptation of committing suicide by drawing strength from his love and loyalty to Sam and Dean. In his final moments, Bobby was able to overcome the pain of his shot wound at the head to say his last words and give Sam and Dean the clue he found from the Leviathans before finally dying.
  • Magical Proficiency: Despite not being a witch or a regular with spells, Bobby proved to be very proficient at using magic. He was especially familiar and skilled with warding spells and magical means capable of countering violent supernatural creatures and objects, as he quickly recognized the mark Meg was using to render Dean's attempts to excoricse him ineffective and knew to burn it to erase the spell and was able to cast a charm on Sam and Dean to ward off possession, provide them with a Cleansing Ritual capable of breaking the curse on cursed objects, teach them a Witch-Killing Spell that would soon become their most preferred method of disposing a witch, and create Curse Boxes for John Winchester, boxes with warding work capable of containing hexed and cursed objects without letting their supernatural effects slip to the outside.[6] He also cast the spell to put the Witnesses back to rest and successfully performed the Colt Bullet Creation Ritual. He is also accomplished in binding and summoning powerful beings, able to summon Gavin MacLeod, summon Crowley, bind Death and in his dream, bind a Reaper (which highly impressed said Reaper).

As a Ghost[]

Bobby was a young ghost however, due to necessity, he developed many ghostly powers becoming a very powerful Ghost.

  • Ectoplasm Secretion - Bobby caused a tear of ectoplasm to appear in the corner of the eye of the housekeeper he possessed.
  • Invisibility - As a ghost, Bobby is naturally invisible. However, as he grows stronger, is able to make himself seen and unseen at will.
  • Intangibility - As a ghost, Bobby is naturally intangible. However, as he grows stronger, he is able to make contact with things at will. Originally, he needed to become very calm, but as he grows more vengeful, the ability comes easier.
  • Possession - Bobby was able to overshadow and take control of a housekeeper.
  • Superhuman Strength - Bobby is physically stronger than he was as a human. He was able to knock Dick Roman to the ground and choke Sam with little effort. He also accidentally broke Charlie Bradbury's arm when he threw a Leviathan into her by mistake. He also proved strong enough to push the leviathan leader Dick Roman across the room with ease, a very impressive feat although Bobby didn't do him any lasting harm.
  • Telekinesis - Bobby can impart kinetic energy on an object with his mind.
  • Teleportation - Bobby can travel from place to place without occupying the space in between. However, he is tethered to his flask.
  • Thermokinesis - Bobby was able to drastically lower the temperature in the room, causing a mirror to freeze over. He was also able to freeze the glass in a set of doors just by touching them, causing them to crack.


Killed By[]

Neck telekinetically snapped by Lucifer for shooting him during the Battle of Stull Cemetery. Resurrected by Castiel.

Shot in the head by Dick Roman while escaping and died of his wounds.

Burned Bobby's Flask at his own request to put Bobby's ghost to rest.




  • Eric Kripke revealed at Paley Fest that the character Missouri Moseley was intended to return in the Season 1 finale to help Sam and Dean, but because the actress Loretta Devine couldn't do it, the character of Bobby Singer was created instead.
  • Bobby lived in South Dakota, prior to his house being burned down by the Leviathans.
  • Owns a blue Ford tow-truck with Lawrence County, South Dakota plates: 9NO3L1. This is probably a reference to Jim Beaver's role in the HBO Western drama Deadwood. Deadwood is the county seat of Lawrence County. In seasons 3, 4 and 6 he also drives a 1971 Chevelle. When he dies, the car ends up rusting in his salvage yard. In season 5, he drives a handicap-accessible van and in Sympathy for the Devil, the Impala. The van can later be seen when Dean is torturing demons for Lisa and Ben's location in season 6.
  • His dog, who has only appeared in one episode, is called Rumsfeld. Rumsfeld was killed by Meg as she hunted down the Winchesters.
  • At some point in his hunting career, Bobby was unable to save a pair of twin sisters from an unknown creature.
  • In the episode Yellow Fever, it is revealed that he is fluent in Japanese. In Weekend at Bobby's, it was revealed that Bobby has been to Japan.
  • Bobby is named after the series' executive producer Robert Singer, which was done by Eric Kripke behind his back.
  • Bobby was born at night.
  • In The Anime Series, Bobby is re-imagined in appearance and personality, he is much more light-hearted than his live action counterpart and frequently jokes around with the Winchesters. He is also much shorter and dresses in suits.
  • As a ghost, his downfall into a vengeful spirit happens faster than normal; Tessa states that it takes years to become vengeful, but Bobby appeared to achieve that status in a matter of weeks.
  • Bobby was said to be a fan of the reality show, Tori and Dean. Sam is able to use this along with the fact that he got a pedicure that "changed his life" at the Mall of America to convince him of his identity in Hell. Apparently Bobby made Dean promise never to tell anyone about that but he told Sam anyway.
  • Bobby is the third spirit to be seen after their remains have been burned (first was Mary, then was John) and the first ghost whose final fate after the burning of their remains is revealed.
  • Bobby, like all members of Team Free Will, has been to Hell, Purgatory and Heaven. Only Dean has been to Avalon in addition to the three previously mentioned.
  • Bobby's last word was "Idjits".
  • Along with John Winchester and Meg, he is one of the few characters besides Sam and Dean to drive the Impala more than once. In his case he drives it while destroying the ghost of Luther Garland and when he goes to visit Sam and Dean after the Apocalypse starts.
  • Bobby was the one who taught Sam and Dean the "non-agreement" that in the case of one of them dying, the other would not go looking for the other; however, it became an unspoken rule to do the exact opposite, as he was visibly angry that Sam didn't go looking for Dean while he was stuck in Purgatory.
  • Bobby spent approximately 150 years in Hell, but like John Winchester, he persisted in keeping his humanity, and avoided becoming a demon.
    • Therefore, Bobby is spiritually 212 years old.
  • Prior to season 12 Bobby was the only character outside of Sam and Dean to have appeared in every season.
  • There is a book called Bobby Singer's Guide to Hunting, written by David Reed from Bobby's point of view.
  • When Bobby is killed by Lucifer and resurrected by Castiel, somehow this does not save his soul from his deal with Crowley, who has to be forced to return it under threat of death. This is in contrast to Dean, who is no longer bound by his deal after being resurrected from Hell by Castiel. This could be because, unlike Dean, Bobby was killed and resurrected before his time was up. Castiel was also able to resurrect Bobby with ease, indicating he had not gone to Hell yet as Castiel would've had to physically retrieve Bobby's soul from there.
  • In the episode Frontierland, when Dean makes a reference to Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, Bobby failed to understand, admitting to having only watched Deep Space 9.
  • Jim Beaver's character (Bobby) was only supposed to make a one-time appearance on the show.
  • In Slash Fiction it is revealed that Bobby's favorite singer is Joni Mitchell.

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