This unnamed shapeshifter was the biological father of Bobby John and several other shapeshifter children created on the orders of the Alpha Shapeshifter.


This shapeshifter was part of the plan to build an army of shapeshifters per the Alpha Shapeshifter and Eve's orders. To this end, he fathered several babies by taking the form of the husbands of various families and then having sex with the mothers, impregnating them. These babies included Bobby John. When the babies were six months old, using a disguise with Harper Caine Security to get past their alarm systems, the shapeshifter went around collecting them and killing the parents who were raising the baby, thus drawing the attention of Samuel Campbell, who sends Sam to investigate.

Samuel found the connection with the security company and that Bobby John's parents were still alive with their baby so Sam went to investigate and finds the shapeshifter with the parents dead and Bobby John hidden in the laundry room. Sam drives off the shapeshifter and gets Bobby John. Disguising himself as a woman customer at a grocery store, the shapeshifter pretends to help Sam and Dean with a fussy Bobby John, but Dean realizes what he is from his retinal flare in a security camera and threatens him to get Bobby John back. The shapeshifter takes Bobby John and runs, but the Winchesters manage to get him back. Before Dean can kill him, the shapeshifter calls a store manager for help and Dean is forced to run.

While Sam and Dean escape with the baby, the shapeshifter sees the license plate of Sam's car as they go. The shapeshifter then kills a police officer, takes his form and uses his job to track Sam's car. Arriving at the motel Sam and Dean are staying at just after they realize that Bobby John is a shapeshifter, Bobby John's father breaks into the room and fights with Dean for Bobby John, telling Dean the baby belongs with him and his father, the Alpha Shapeshifter. Eventually, Sam arrives and shoots the shapeshifter through the heart, killing him, but the Alpha Shapeshifter later manages to get Bobby John anyway.

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  • Shapeshifting - As a shapeshifter, he could take on the form of anyone alive or dead and have their thoughts and memories if they were alive.
  • Superhuman strength - Bobby John's father was stronger than Dean when they fought for Bobby John and only fled from Sam earlier when he was slashed with a silver knife.
  • Superhuman speed - He was able to make a fast escape from Sam when they first met and ran fast enough to see Sam's car as he and Dean fled.
  • Superhuman agility - Shapeshifters have greater agility than normal humans.
  • Regeneration - The shapeshifter was able to heal a silver knife wound from his initial meeting with Sam.


  • Silver - Sam and Dean are able to injure the shapeshifter with a silver knife and Sam kills it with a silver bullet through the heart.
  • Retinal Flare - Sam and Dean are able to identify it as a shapeshifter by its retinal flare.

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