Bobby John is the shapeshifter baby of a murdered couple that Sam found and Dean hastily named.


He is first seen when his parents hide him under the bed so whatever is attacking them doesn't get him. When Sam finds him while investigating the scene, he quickly calls in Dean for help. So they take the baby to the supermarket to pick up supplies. Then the baby begins to cry and they rush to the cashier. Once there she asks whats the baby's name. Sam says, "John", and Dean says "Bobby", and they decide to combine it.

Bobby John is still crying and Dean tries to calm him down. An old lady helps out, but Dean finds out she is a shapeshifter. She makes a run with Bobby John, but they get him back. Later, in their motel room, they discover that Bobby John isn't just any baby, but a shapeshifter. After a shapeshifter attack, they decide to bring Bobby John to Samuel's for safe keeping.

At Samuel's, he decides to raise the baby in the hunter lifestyle, which makes Dean angry. Samuel also gives Bobby John to a Campbell couple, but then the Alpha Shapeshifter comes. So Sam and Dean take him to Samuel's panic room. When Sam goes to check on things, the Alpha comes looking like Sam, and then shifts into Dean. Bobby John is taken away by the Alpha, and is never seen again.

Powers and Abilities

  • Bobbyjohnisashapeshifter

    Dean discovers Bobby John is a Shapeshifter

    Shapeshifting - This was seen when Bobby John changes to the baby on the diaper box.
  • Mental Call - It has a mental connection to the Alpha Shapeshifter. With this, the Alpha can find the baby anywhere.



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