Last specter I ran into rose soon after someone desecrated a nearby grave. Lucked into finding the grave. I salted and burned the bones and the hauntings ended.
— Entry from one of Bobby's journals on his encounter with a specter.
in Southern Comfort

Bobby's journals were a series of hunting journals written by hunter Bobby Singer.


Over the course of his hunting career, Bobby Singer wrote these journals chronicling his experiences.

In 2008 or 2009, Bobby consulted one his journals while working a Soul Eater case with Rufus Turner. Bobby showed Rufus his entry on a previous Soul Eater he'd faced and the sigil he'd used to trap it. At the end of the case, Bobby started to write an entry about what had happened in his journal, but was interrupted by a call from the Winchesters about a lead on Lilith. Bobby left and never completed his journal entry.

While visiting an alternate reality Bobby's house in 2014, Dean located one of Bobby's journals in a secret compartment in the fireplace of Bobby's house. Inside the journal, Dean found a picture of Bobby outside of Camp Chitaqua with Castiel and a few other hunters and Dean used the journal to locate the camp.

While working a confusing ghost case together, Dean and Garth consulted Bobby's journals for any useful information. From Bobby's journal entries, Garth was able to identify that they were dealing with a specter and found information on the last case Bobby had worked on dealing with a specter to help their own case.

After coming across Bobby and Rufus's old Soul Eater case, Dean looked through some of Bobby's journals that he kept in the trunk of the Impala and found Bobby's unfinished entry on the case. He later consulted Bobby's entry on his Tennessee Soul Eater case after the Winchesters determined that they were fighting a Soul Eater, not a poltergeist.


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