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Bobby's house is like a second home to the Winchesters. It is also the one location Sam and Dean Winchester always come back to. The house itself was first seen in the episode Devil's Trap when Sam and Dean meet Bobby for help. Bobby's house is also considered in a way a safe house (when people are in danger, Sam and Dean suggest to bring them here).

Since their victory in Swan Song, its grounds housed the stolen four Horsemen's rings, however Death's was returned to him, leaving the other three.

However, the house meets a terrible fate in Hello, Cruel World when the Leviathans destroy it, leaving only the walls standing, covered in soot.

In Sacrifice, Sam and Dean return to the house to make a deal with Crowley. While the ruins of the house aren't shown, the salvage yard is and seems to be slightly overgrown and completely abandoned. Bobby's car has also been abandoned here and left to rot.

In Inside Man, Bobby's Heaven is shown to be his house.

In Exodus, the Apocalypse World Bobby is also shown to have an auto salvage yard. However, his is not in Sioux Falls.


Bobby's house is located in a scrap yard that Bobby owns located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The main rooms that appear on the show are the kitchen, library, and closets. There is also staircases that lead up and down stairs. In the library it is filed with every kind of lore book, and rituals. Near the corner of the room is a fireplace, with a Devil's Trap on the roof. The room also has a desk for Bobby to work at. In the kitchen, it has basic kitchen stuff, plus a bunch of phones Bobby uses to pretend to be CIA, FBI, etc. The closets pimps it out to have a trap lever.



Upstairs isn't seen very much. All there is known about the upstairs is that it holds the bedrooms and closets. Downstairs Bobby has a panic room.